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    What is Total Network Disaggregation?

    Since the creation of the first routing engine software, the Zebra Project, in the mid-1990s by the eventual founders of IP Infusion, the networking industry has been evolving to more efficiently utilize incremental functional advances in silicon and software.

    IP Infusion was created from understanding how important software is to networking, an industry historically defined by hardware system vendors. Building software on open standards to accommodate deployment on low-cost commodity hardware is a practical business strategy, and predicted the way today’s modern global networks would be built.

    In today’s increasingly cloud-driven applications, Total Network Disaggregation will be the missing link to provide end-to-end, terabit-scaled performance for Access, Aggregation, Transport and Data Center use cases.

    OcNOS Software

    ZebOS, now called OcNOS CP, would continue to be improved by IP Infusion, to eventually become the flagship product OcNOS, or Open Compute Network Operating System. OcNOS is a carrier-grade Network Operating System that is completely hardware independent, and making the vision of Total Network Disaggregation closer to reality.

    OcNOS-based solutions have been widely deployed in access, aggregation, transport and data center use cases for simplified operations and automation. It provides extensive programmability for end-to-end network management and orchestration. OcNOS features a single software image that runs across the entire portfolio of Open Compute platforms from leading vendors. This guarantees consistent operations, workflow automation and high availability, while significantly reducing operational expenses.

    OcNOS provides industry standard CLIs, supports standard MIBs as well as the latest network management tools. Its integrated centralized management and provisioning layer allows for transaction-based configuration and device feature modelling. OcNOS is a modular, multi-tasking NOS, with tight integration capabilities on commodity hardware. This design allows for scaled and performance critical deployments.

    For more information, please download IP Infusion Company Overview.

    Featured Products

    OcNOS Aggregation Routers (AGGR)

    IP Infusion’s Aggregation Software Solution

    IP Infusion provides comprehensive carrier-grade capabilities to enable broadband aggregation and edge routing through its OcNOS Network Operating System (NOS). The solution combines traffic interfaces to provide higher aggregated capacities required for next-generation networks. IP Infusion software helps manage high volumes of traffic for applications such as mobility, cloud networking, video and gaming.

    The exponential growth in network traffic due to digital collaboration offerings for remote work applications has increased the need for managing data and performance efficiently. Evolving dataintensive customer applications requires service providers to deliver on-demand high-performance services in a reliable, efficient and secure manner.

    IP Infusion's deployment-ready software solution for aggregation routing has been extensively validated for the following network scenarios:

    Broadband Aggregation Solution
    • Fixed Wireless Aggregation
    • Mobile Network Aggregation
    • Passive Optical Network Aggregation
    • Ethernet & Cable Internet Aggregation

    Edge Routing Solution
    • Provider Network
    • Routed Optical Network

    OcNOS Cell Site Routers (CSR)

    Disaggregated Cell Site Gateways transform 5G networks by expanding mobile bandwidth capacity without losing compatibility with legacy networks. Such solutions allow for seamless migration while controlling costs. IP Infusion’s OcNOS CSR is a complete carrier class, Cell Site Router (CSR) solution, aligning with the Telecom Infra Project’s (TIP) Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway technical specification. The technical specification provides detailed requirements for CSR devices that operators can deploy in current and future generations of wireless transport networks.

    The TIP DCSG specification falls under the TIP Open Optical & Packet Transport project.

    The OcNOS CSR product is a smart converged integrated access platform which enables Service Providers to deliver next-level business and entertainment experiences.

    Key Components

    Multi-vendor CSR hardware platform: Open Compute Project (OCP) and TIP DCSG Compliant ODM smart integrated access platforms supporting up to 360 Gbps capacity.

    OcNOS as a full-featured network OS for open networking: Its features include advanced capabilities, such as extensive switching and routing protocol support, MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) support, and SDN (software defined networking) integration capabilities. OcNOS features hybrid, centralized or distributed network support; scalable, modular high-performance network; and a robust data plane built on merchant silicon.

    IP Infusion Advanced Network Services: Includes comprehensive network design, monitoring and technical support services.

    Key CSR ODM Hardware Highlights:
    • Extremely compact, low-power design
    • Flexible form factors for both indoor and outdoor deployments
    • Highly integrated design: 1-100G interfaces, rich set of QoS capabilities flexible management options, and integrated timing in a single box
    • Versatile licensing scheme to enable a range of commercial objectives
    • 1 RU small form factor ODM hardware
    • Front-to-back as well as side-to-side airflow
    • Low power consumption, minimum <100W, typical <200W, maximum 250W
    • Low latency forwarding • Precise frequency and phase/time synchronization using the latest industry standards
    • NETCONF/OpenConfig standards based management interface

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