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    About Innovative Circuit Technology

    Innovative Circuit Technology is a leading North American power conversion company with a broad range of products and solutions for land mobile radio, broadband and site equipment, fleets, railroads, heavy machinery, and anywhere power conversion is needed to improve performance and productivity.

    ICT's in house product design, engineering, manufacturing and technical support provides an unparalleled level of quality, reliability, innovation and responsiveness to meet the needs of our customers and OEM partners.

    ICT New Products

    ICT Platinum Series - 1RU 800 and 1600 Watt DC Power Supply With Advanced Functionality

    High Performance and Reliability with Advanced Battery Management Features and Standard TCP/IP Monitoring and Control

    The all new Platinum Series from ICT provides an ideal DC power solution for wireless communications professionals who demand Intelligent, Ethernet-enabled high efficiency space-saving DC power supplies for LMR, broadband, and network communications equipment.

    ICT Platinum Series DC power supplies bring a new level of performance, functionality, and remote management to wireless base station applications. The 1RU Platinum Series provides 800 or 1600 watts of power and is available with 12, 24 or 48VDC output. It provides an ideal DC power solution for wireless communications professionals who demand high efficiency and space-saving DC power systems for LMR, broadband, and network communications equipment.

    Ethernet-based communications and control is standard on every model. Enhanced security and reliability features include SNMPv1/2c/3, TLS 1.2, fan fail detect alarms, and extra high margin components designed for long life and enhanced durability.

    The ICT Platinum Series is designed, manufactured and supported in North America to provide the most reliable, flexible, innovative DC power solution available today for wireless communications, broadband and other demanding DC power applications.

    Platinum Series


    12, 24 or 48 volts of 800 or 1600 watts of output power in a 1RU rack mount chassis with 90 to 93% efficiency

    TCP/IP Ethernet is standard on every model and provides complete and easy-to-use remote monitoring and control of the power supply using its built-in web server

    • Enhanced security and preventative reliability features including SNMPv1/2/3, TLS 1.2, fan fail detect alarms, and extra high margin components designed for long life and enhanced durability

    • Available battery backup and LVD with adjustable disconnect and reconnect voltage setpoints

    Advanced battery management features including discharge testing, state of charge, and eestimated run-time remaining provide unparalleled site power management advantages

    Full range of certifications including CSA/UL, FCC Class B, CE, ROHS

    High Resolution OLED display

    Easy to install, set up and use

    ICT DC Power Solutions

    Power Solutions


    Monitor and Control Your Site Power Remotely Over Ethernet

    ICT is committed to providing a growing range of Ethernet-enabled DC power solutions that will help improve your quality of service and give you more control over your maintenance and site visit costs. Reliable, efficient, compact and flexible - you choose what components you need in your power solution, and what options best fit your needs. Our Intelligent Power managed DC products with Ethernet utilize built-in web servers, easy to use graphical user interfaces, and HTML or SNMP to make management over your network seamless. There’s no software to maintain, and firmware can be upgraded over Ethernet.

    Additional power components can be added to your solution as needed, starting with the 1RU Digital Series and Pro Series high-efficiency power supplies, single or dual bus DC distribution panels, high current Low Voltage Disconnects and DC-DC Converters, and DC-AC Site Inverters for devices such as network switches, routers, firewalls and servers that require AC input.

    For managed DC power solutions that don’t compromise on performance while offering maximum flexibility and low cost of ownership, take a look at ICT. Designed and manufactured in North America to help you manage your DC power.

    Affordable, Managed DC Power for Wireless Broadband Networks

    - High Efficiency 1RU Power Supplies With Battery Backup & LVD for Reliable Quality of Service
    - Support for Dual Voltages in a Single Space-Saving 1RU Load Distribution Panel
    - DC to AC Inverters with Remote Output Control Over Ethernet & High Efficiency Conversion to Mimimize Power Loss
    - Remote Power Control of Individual AC & DC Loads Over Ethernet
    - DC to DC Isolated Converters in a Range of Sizes for Small to Large Sites

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