About FreeWave

    FreeWave has driven the Industrial Internet of Things before the term even existed

    For over 20 years, we have provided long range, reliable and rugged wireless data links for energy, manufacturing, agriculture, utilities, universities and the military.

    FreeWave has millions of units in the field, and has exceeded two million flight hours on leading military and defense platforms. We are mission-critical wireless.

    Now, as the worlds of Information Technology and Operations Technology (e.g., SCADA, RTUs, PLCs) converge, Freewave empowers organizations large and small to get the data they need, when they need it. Our tech makes you lean and mean. Forget “Big Data,” you need the “Right Data” to move your operations forward.

    From our innovative new line of programmable Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) radios to industrial Wi-Fi, our technology platforms focus on the delivery of highly-advanced and easily-deployable solutions when you need to get mission-critical data wirelessly from remote sensors to your servers.

    FreeWave Featured Products


    ZumLink™ Future-Ready Industrial Radio

    FreeWave’s ZumLink™ 900 Series is made for secure collection, transport, and control of data in rugged industrial environments. These radios provide a long-range, low-power solution for remote wireless communications - with capabilities that can be seamlessly added as IIoT requirements evolve.

    FreeWave’s new ZumLink™ 900 series platform, part of our Sensor-2-Server™ solution delivers secure collection, transport and control of data. The ZumLink 900 Series currently operates in the unlicensed 900 MHz spectrum supporting link rates up to 4 Mbps and is user configurable.

    ZumLink's flexible, high-speed, low power consumption radios also leverage FreeWave's ZumBoost[tm] Network Acceleration Pack to assure the most efficient network platform possible. ZumBoost™ introduces techniques such as compression, packet aggregation, forward error correction, and patent-pending Adaptive Spectrum Learning technology to ensure maximum throughput to meet the demands of today's wireless applications.


    With 512 MB of RAM and 1 GB of storage onboard, Zumlink 900 Series is also the industry's first app-programmable radio. The Z9-P and Z9-PE models include the ZumIQ Application Environment, which allows the development and deployment of third-party applications and puts intelligence at the edge. ZumIQ provides a Linux-based Debian operating system and storage for applications built in Node-RED, JavaScript, Java, Python, and C++.

    The non-enclosed Z9-P (top, left) comes with a mounting plate and is perfect for custom RF applications. The Z9-PE (bottom, left) is specifically designed for outdoor industrial locations and is reliable under extreme environmental conditions.

    In fact, the ZumLink 900 Series is software upgradable to include FreeWave’s IQ Application Environment, a Linux-based platform to deploy and run third party industrial applications.

    Future-Proof your network now with ZumLink 900 Series.


    The New ZumEdge - ZumLink 900MHz Plus A Lot More

    ZumEdge adds seamless IO integration and industrial intelligence at the Edge. ZumEdge is the next evolution of FreeWave's Edge intelligence product line and features I/O connectivity, easy installation, and setup. Customers can access the data they need and make decisions on the edge in the harshest environments - in minutes - not hours - without requiring traditional SCADA connections.

    Without existing Ethernet or SCADA infrastructure, critical sensor data is often stranded in the field, waiting to be acted upon, creating inefficiencies, and by extension, cost.

    ZumEdge with an I/O module makes it easy (and possible) to establish a direct sensor connection allowing customers to access and monitor their data in the field and make decisions based on that data quickly.

    ZumEdge is ideal for any industry that requires sensor data capture and measurement in rugged, isolated, and potentially hazardous environments. ZumEdge allows the user to automate decision making and utilize data infrastructure like MQTT and other third-party platforms to make their networks smarter, faster, and more efficient, without adding infrastructure or modifying existing systems.

    FreeWave Fusion™ Bridge: Connect Remote WiFi Assets, and Get More Value from Your Data

    Our dual-radio WiFi bridge adds seamless WiFi connectivity to remote 900MHz networks.

    Fusion Bridge is the latest addition to FreeWave’s product family and introduces WiFi connectivity and sensor fusion to 900 MHz networks. Without Fusion Bridge, on-site data is often inaccessible until it’s within range of headquarters. Integrators have to install routers at each location to get WiFi connectivity, and unattended equipment and assets are left vulnerable to security threats and theft.

    With Fusion Bridge, your mobile equipment is WiFi-enabled, allowing for the seamless connection of smart devices with headquarters; technicians can install Fusion Bridge on truck systems to enable WiFi connectivity anywhere within the truck’s range. And Fusion Bridge eliminates the security concerns of an always-on remote AP and helps protect on-site assets through the quick and easy integration of off-the-shelf wireless security equipment.

    Fusion Bridge

    Key Features
    - Introduces WiFi connectivity and WiFi sensor fusion to 900MHz networks
    - Over-the-air compatible with FreeWave ZumLink networks
    - Adds instant WiFi connectivity to remote and mobile assets
    - Connect WiFi devices to existing and new 900MHz networks
    - An easy, browser-based configuration
    - Connect any WiFi device, including sensors, tablets, smartphones, and cameras
    - OEM-ready with a brandable software interface
    - Comes standard with a Linux application development environment
    - The latest FreeWave Edge software features are available

    Meet FreeWave Edge – the next generation of cloud-enabled intelligence

    FreeWave Edge is a data platform that’s ideal for Solutions Providers, Developers, and Industrial Site Managers.

    FreeWave Edge

    The FreeWave Edge data platform helps you extract real-time data from your sensors and devices. It also allows you to configure custom alerts and data processing for your operations, connects to your preferred reporting system or cloud and gives you alerts and reports via MQTT and email.

    What does FreeWave Edge do? FreeWave Edge provides event-driven data capture, Modbus support, and more. It also comes equipped with API-enabled sensors and robust compute capabilities for custom logic at the edge.

    Why do you need FreeWave Edge? Because your operations are suffering from not enough data, unreliable data, or extended data read cycles, and it’s time to get smart.

    FreeWave Edge Provides:

    - Data inputs from standard industrial protocols, ZumEdge inputs, and the ability to bring your sensors and data formats

    - Data processing and configurable alerts and reporting via email

    - The ability to publish data to the enterprise tool of your chose via MQTT

    - Sensors Push API - Push your data though the platform for processing

    FreeWave Edge Battle Card

    FreeWave Edge Solution Profile

    Introducing FreeWave Remote Management – FreeWave’s newest remote operations innovation

    Our new remote management platform makes life easier for Industrial Site Operations Managers.

    FreeWave Remote Management allows you to monitor your devices and network remotely, and seamlessly deploy software updates to your edge devices. FreeWave Remote Management also seamlessly orchestrates data to cloud platform providers and includes on-device software and a cloud portal for device management.

    Remote Management

    FreeWave Remote Management provides:

    - Onboard devices and define device profiles, configurations, account designation, locations, deployment policies, and automation

    - Health monitoring for devices and remote log retrieval, alerts, and notifications

    - Seamless software management and zero-touch deployments for all your devices

    - The ability to connect to the cloud platform of your choice for data orchestration

    - Integrate device health data into your ERP or custom dashboard via APIs

    FreeWave Remote Management is now available on all Zum devices.

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