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    About ExtremeWireless™ WiNG

    WiNG 5 - Next Generation Advanced WLAN Operation System

    The ExtremeWIreless WiNG 5 operating system is the next generation in the evolution of WLAN architectures. WiNG 5 OS is designed to scale efficiently from the smallest networks to large, geographically dispersed deployments. The cooperative, distributed control plane innovation in the WiNG 5 architecture offers a software-defined networking (SDN)-ready operating system that can distribute controller functionality to every access point in your network. Now, every access point is network-aware, providing the intelligence required to truly unleash optimal performance - all wireless LAN infrastructure can work together to ensure every transmission is routed through the most efficient path, every time.

    WiNG 5 brings you the resiliency of a stand-alone access point network without the vulnerability of a centralized controller, with advancements that take performance, reliability, security, scalability, and manageability to a new level. The result? Maximum network uptime and security with minimal management. Plus, true seamless and dependable mobility for your users.

    WiNG Access Points - Gain Deeper Visibility into Your Enterprise for Sharper Decisions

    Tracking, analyzing, mobilizing-everything depends on your wireless LAN. With WiNG Wireless solutions, performance is optimal, security tighter and rollouts and troubleshooting faster.

    ExtremeWireless WiNG Wireless Access Point technology ensures enterprise-level security and high performance for any LAN environment - from restrictive hotel rooms to the harsh outdoors.

    With a solution for every type of network, organizations of any size can select from our wireless access point portfolio to leverage exceptional features such as mesh networking, versatile radio coverage, and instant deployment.

    Deliver Cost-effective in-room high-speed Wi-Fi service over your existing in-room telephone lines - and support innovative indoor locationing solutions that take service to the next level.

    WiNG Controllers - Provide Unified Wireless-Wired Network Management Using a Range of Scalable Architecture

    Reduce costs and simplify IT efforts by unifying wireless and wireline network management - through a single pane of glass. Improve business process flow with one platform for wireless voice, video, data and multiple RF technologies.

    ExtremeWireless WiNG wireless controllers and switches provide seamless roaming across deployments and resilient fail-over capabilities - proving our reliability.

    Leverage telephone cabling that’s hard-wired into your building. The TS-524 - part of the T5 product family - is a 24-port VDSL2 switch with onboard filters. It easily connects to your telecom cross-connect block and allows VDSL2 signals to be injected into your provided telephone wire cable - delivering power, integrated RF, network management, and increased VDSL2 line speeds.

    Extreme AirDefense - Networks That Demand Intrusion Prevention Count on the ExtremeWireless AirDefense Services Platform

    The AirDefense Services Platform (ADSP) leads the industry in Wireless Intrusion Prevention and supports advanced forensics analysis required for PCI, HIPAA, and other compliance regulations. ADSP’s Network Assurance means IT can find and fix issues before they become a problem to end-users, while location-based services (LBS) give visibility into client behavior to provide valuable information for corporate marketing.

    Zone-based locationing and position tracking allows network administrators to accomplish a wide range of tasks from tracking down lost or stolen devices, to locating rogue access points. Administrators can gather actionable data about user behavior on the network to help improve network performance - or to deliver insights to marketing.

    With ADSP, IT can identify network issues and fix them before they become a problem. By turning an AP into a client, a network operator at the Network Operations Center (NOC) can simulate client behavior and find potential issues - reducing network downtime and improving user productivity.

    Defend your wireless network from attacks and rogue access points (APs) with the industry-leading wireless intrusion solution. Using our multiple proprietary algorithms, you can eliminate false alarms and focus on addressing real threats. There is built-in support for more than 200 types of attacks. Forensics capability includes a time-rewind function to investigate attempted intrusions.

    Introducing Azara - Freedom from the unpredictability of providing connectivity

    ExtremeWireless WiNG Azara Cloud

    Azara extends the ExtremeWireless WiNG 5 architecture to combine the proven functionality of Extreme Networks’ enterprise-grade WLAN with the simplicity and flexibility of managing WLAN infrastructure from the cloud. Along with a true enterprise-class network that is scalable and reliable.

    The freedom of Azara is possible because of the ExtremeWireless WiNG enterprise-class access points (APs) with built-in intelligence. These APs deliver the highest quality, availability, and performance — on the cloud or on-premises. Azara takes access to a new level.

    Azara includes a powerful set of network management tools that allow administrators to access network controls from anywhere -all they need is a connection to the internet. Configure, monitor, and manage multiple site networks from the unified Dashboard. Azara supports ExtremeWireless WiNG enterprise-grade 802.11ac access points through a centrally managed SSL secure tunnel over the internet.

    High Availability and Redundancy
    Azara’s cloud infrastructure is built on a public cloud infrastructure and supports major regions across the globe:
    • Azara Cloud services are provided from the nearest available region; varies per geographical location of your sites and data residency requirements
    • Redundant services are deployed across multiple data centers to achieve high availability within each region
    • Service is backed by 99.99% cloud platform and application uptime

    Unlimited Scalability
    Azara is built to scale and be elastic:
    • Built-in architecture controls allow for scaling resources and spawning additional instances to meet demand
    • Our DevOps team continuously monitors the performance and traffic patterns of the infrastructure and can scale resources to meet any predictable or unpredictable spikes

    Increased Security
    Protected by perimeter firewall and IPS that prevents unauthorized access to any resource in the infrastructure, systems and applications are continuously monitored for any perceived or actual security breaches and configured to alert the Security and DevOps team:
    • QoS policies can leverage the application context to enforce policies, prioritizing business critical applications and blocking others based on IT policies to improve the overall performance of the wireless network
    • Updates to the cloud infrastructure are subject to stringent vulnerability scans
    • Periodic penetration tests are performed regularly on the infrastructure
    • No user data traffic passes through the cloud; there are secure tunnels between the end points and cloud infrastructure, and Azara is hosted in PCI and HIPPA compliant data centers
    • Azara Dashboard supports two-factor authentication, fine-grained control, and access restrictions based on IP addresses and other attributes - preventing unauthorized users from accessing the account

    Choose the Access Points that fit your network:
    - AP 7532 - Designed for High-Performance
    - AP 7522 - Affordable & Effective
    - AP 7502 - Compact & Discrete
    - AP 7562 - Built for Outdoors & Challenging Sites

    ExtremeWireless WiNG Featured Product

    AP 7502

    AP 7502 - Enterprise Class Wall Plate 802.11ac Access Point

    Whether you are responsible for a hotel, assisted living facility, dormitory housing or an apartment complex, you are challenged with providing high-speed Internet access in a challenging environment with many rooms - rooms with RF-blocking walls, floors and doors. You need a cost-effective way to provide the dependable desktop style wireless speeds your users expect in-room on however many consumer mobile devices they may own - including 2.4 GHz and the newer 5 GHz smartphones and tablets. To further complicate the challenge, today's users are watching videos, making video calls and posting on multi-media heavy social networking websites on their mobile devices - all bandwidth-heavy applications that require a latency- and jitter-free connection.

    Introducing the easiest way to solve these big business problems - the AP 7502, the pocket-sized 802.11ac access point. The AP 7502 is purpose built for public-facing micro-cell environments such as hotel and patient rooms, classrooms and apartments. The dual 802.11n and 802.11ac radios, five internal antennas, plus a host of Zebra-only features provide a dependable high-performance wireless connection for every user and every mobile device in the room. Its revolutionary small size makes it easy to install anywhere, while the understated design allows it to easily hide in plain sight. Deployment couldn't be easier or faster - the AP 7502 can be installed in just a few minutes, with zero-touch automatic configuration. And locationing support, including Bluetooth® SMART, opens the door to a world of applications that can help provide users with a world-class experience that will put your organization a step above the competition.

    With its dual 802.11n and 802.11ac radios, the AP 7502 supports all the mobile devices that walk through your door, from legacy 2.4 GHz devices to today's new 5 GHz consumer smartphones. The next generation 802.11ac radio empowers your network with fifth generation Wi-Fi - more than double the throughput of 802.11n, helping provide the capacity and speeds your network needs to handle multiple devices running multiple bandwidth-hungry applications.

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