Ceragon Solutions for Public Safety

    Ceragon Solutions for Public Safety

    Public safety agencies increasingly rely on mobile computing and network applications to improve the efficiency of public safety personnel and first responders. Today’s public safety workers are equipped with tablets and laptops, handheld computers and mobile video cameras to improve their efficiency and to allow them to collaborate instantaneously with central command and co-workers. Unattended sensors and video surveillance cameras extend the eyes and ears of public safety agencies.

    Ceragon offers a wide array of field-proven, high-capacity, low-latency wireless network solutions that meet the high reliability requirements of public safety networks. Compact, low-power, and rapid-to-deploy radios provide secure and reliable radio links with first responders and other field personnel. High-capacity backhauling solutions provide resilient transmission links from access points to data centers and central command. With support for legacy and the most advanced packet technologies, Ceragon’s solutions are suitable for TDM networks as they provide cost-effective, uninterrupted transition to IP-based networks like FirstNet.

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    Wireless Backhaul for Evolving Public Safety Networks

    Built Mission Critical: Wireless Backhaul for Public Safety Networks


    Mission Critical Microwave Backhaul


    Ceragon Deploys FirstNet-Ready Public Safety Network throughout Nebraska

    City of Hickory, NC, USA

    Ceragon Solutions for Water and Power Utilities

    Ceragon Solutions for Water and Power Utilities

    Utilities are realizing immense benefits from the implementation of advanced communications technology. With increased use of such technology, companies are able to erase the distance barriers between their headquarters, regional offices, consumers and remote operations. The reliable and timely transmission of vast quantities of valuable data is the key to increased profitability, safety and efficiency.

    Ceragon’s industry-leading wireless technology empowers utility companies to deploy high-capacity communication links quickly and cost-effectively. Our innovative, field-proven solutions meet the reliability challenges of remote mining operations as well as the myriad requirements of complex smart utility grids.

    Flexible Ceragon solutions help to eliminate backhaul bottlenecks and significantly reduce costs while facilitating the seamless transition from legacy to higher-capacity packet technology.

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    Solutions for Power Utilities

    Solutions for Utilities Smart Grid


    FibeAir IP-20C Brochure


    Rural Power Utility Builds High-Capacity Fault-Tolerant Backbone

    Empire Electric Builds IP Backbone with Ceragon’s FibeAir® Solutions

    The City of Shreveport LA Chooses FibeAir IP-20C for High-Capacity SCADA Backhauling

    Weather-proof Wireless Solutions Bring Peace of Mind to New Orleans’ City

    Ceragon Solutions for Oil & Gas

    Offshore Communications

    In today's highly sophisticated oil and gas exploration industries, modern rigs function not only as drilling and extraction stations, but also as complex data-collection hubs. Equipment, processes, pipelines and work crews need to be monitored 24/7 to ensure safe production continuity.

    Based on decades of industry experience, Ceragon solutions set the benchmark for reliability, performance and cost efficiency helping companies advance toward the digital oil and gas fields of the future. Our cost-effective microwave solutions provide the high capacity and responsiveness to monitor and manage activities along the entire value chain. High-speed connectivity extends the office to remote oil and gas fields, on land or at sea, providing the communication capabilities that enhance asset productivity and operational effectiveness.

    Unique ATEX-certified, stabilized microwave

    For offshore oil and gas exploration and extraction, Ceragon offers the unique, ATEX-certified, stabilized microwave PointLink™ system that has been successful in supporting the Oil and Gas industry in the North Sea for over a decade. Combining the high capacity of microwave with the advanced precision that maintains reliable communications with offshore rigs and supporting vessels, PointLink operates reliably over long distances in harsh and hazardous conditions. It provides high-capacity bandwidth and reliable transmission links with onshore facilities.

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    Marine-Grade Microwave for Integrated Operations

    Solutions for On-shore / Offshore Communications


    Over-water offshore link to a rotating vessel - BP Skarv FPS

    The World’s Longest Microwave Radio Hop to an Offshore Rig

    Ceragon Solutions for WISPs

    Wireless Backhaul for ISPs

    Smart ISPs view microwave, with its low cost, fast deployment, high reliability and flexibility, as the perfect building block for their network. Regardless of access technology, microwave backhaul is the most cost-effective method for bringing the Internet from the ISP point-of-presence to customer access points. Deploying redundant paths with microwave is much simpler and less expensive than with fiber and can increase network availability significantly.

    Ceragon Solutions for ISPs

    Ceragon’s offers WISPs a range of solutions to support any application, distance and deployment scenario. The FibeAir IP-20C and FibeAir IP-20S, enable quick and simple all-outdoor deployment. The dual-core FibeAir IP-20C is completely future-proof, ready for upgrade from 1+0 to 2+0, doubling the capacity, from day one. Activating the second transceiver is accomplished remotely without a site visit.

    Ceragon’s FibeAir IP-20G is the hybrid, split-mount hauling solution, enabling a cost-effective migration path to future network requirements. The solution offers full support for legacy TDM as well as a rich set of advanced Carrier Ethernet services providing a wide range of new capabilities.

    When access technology is short-range (WiFi), a large number of hot spots need to be spread out among the locations where subscribers will be using them. The profusion of these access points necessitates an efficient method of backhauling and aggregating them. Ceragon’s FibeAir 2500 is a point-to-multipoint microwave solution capable of backhauling numerous end-points to a single aggregation point. FibeAir 2500 operates effectively at sub-6 GHz frequencies where line-of-sight is not necessary making it suitable for street-level deployment.

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    Wireless Backhaul solutions for ISPs

    FibeAir IP-20 Reduces TCO to a Minimum


    Capacity Matters - The Case for Microwave Backhaul

    TCP Burst Resiliency in the IP-20 Platform


    Florida Rural Broadband Alliance

    Ceragon Resource Center

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