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    The #1 Wireless Backhaul Specialist

    As the world's leading wireless backhaul specialist, Ceragon Networks ensures that mobile and fixed-line carriers, as well as private network operators have the transmission capacity to reliably deliver the voice and premium data services that we all rely on.

    Expand your offering and reach

    From telecommunication operators to mobile service providers, everyone is after the backhaul capacity necessary to provide the latest services, expand into new markets and to simply meet the demands of their current networks. Ceragon solutions have been designed to eliminate bottlenecks with cost-effective, future-proof high-capacity backhaul connectivity while maintaining stellar performance. Known as the premier provider of short haul solutions, Ceragon's recent acquisition of Nera Networks extends the scope of solutions we provide. This unmatched reach that now includes long haul solutions allows our customers to expand their own offering. Agile and responsive, Ceragon addresses your evolving needs, so that you can fully leverage new opportunities.

    A culture of innovation

    Ceragon's commitment to R&D has allowed us to develop generation after generation of innovative solutions for our customers. We take pride in the many industry-changing achievements we've introduced to the market and the advances it has allowed our customers to make. Through this culture of innovation we've been able to design solutions that respond to our customers' needs - cost effective, with more capacity, a lowered TCO and a smooth migration path to all-IP packets.

    Ceragon Featured Product


    FibeAir® IP-50E - 20Gbps/link Universal E-Band Radio

    The IP-50E universal E-Band radio introduces ultra-high capacity of up to 20Gbps to your network, supporting a pay-as-you-grow strategy with up to two units in XPIC configuration with layer-1 carrier bonding over a single cable. Wherever you need fiber-like capacity for fronthaul, backhaul or wireless access applications, the IP-50E is your cost-efficient, easy-to-deploy fiber-replacement solution.

    The IP-50E also allows extended E-Band reach with no compromise on availability, thanks to its unique multiband capability. Using layer-1 carrier bonding, the IP-50E enables you to combine this high-capacity carrier with any additional microwave, fiber or leased line connection, thereby insuring your high-priority service offering meets its SLA target.

    Combined with Ceragon's IP-50C or IP-20C radio and a multiband antenna, you can achieve a compact, all-outdoor, direct-mount 3-carrier solution (single-carrier E-Band + two-carrier microwave). This saves on tower load and shelter requirements while simplifying installation, allowing faster time to market, and enhancing operational efficiency.

    • Radio capacity: 20Gbps (2+0 XPIC configuration, utilizing two units)
    • Supported frequency bands: 71-86GHz
    • Supported channel spacing: 62.5-2000MHz
    • ACM steps: 9, BPSK-512QAM
    • Antenna offering: parabolic, integrated flat panel (FCC, class-3 compliant), hitless multiband
    • 4 x 1/10GbE or 40GbE traffic interface (QSFP+)
    • 1/10GbE traffic interface (SFP+, CPRI, eCPRI)
    • 1GbE traffic interface (SFP) or 1/2.5GbE multiband port
    • Networking capacity: 40Gbps
    • Layer-1 carrier bonding: supports XPIC and multiband with any additional layer-1 connection

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