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    About C-Data Technology

    C-Data Technology – Professional Access Network Products Manufacturer

    C-Data was founded in 2009 by a group of engineers who expected to design and development high-quality communicaiton equipment to meet the needs of users’ multi-dimensional network experiences.

    Today, C-Data ONU & OLT products are widely used in ISP network of 100+ countries and regions providing broadband network services for tens of millions of users.

    C-Data acquired HUH, CERES, CST, and established OTN and NSS division, to extended business on Cable/MSO network, smart city system integrating, Wireless and Cloud Storage products for Enterprise and Home-network. It is an enterprise with more than 700 employees, business involving operator network, enterprise network and home network, and has high growth potential.

    With quality products and services at competitive prices to provide the best business value for cooperator.

    C-Data Featured Products

    GPON OLTs (Optical Line Terminals)

    2.5G High Speed Fiber Access, comply with ITU-TG.984.x and FSAN. Easy to be deployed with high performance.


    GPON OLT FD1608S-B0 completely meets relative standard of ITU G.984.x and FSAN, which is 1U rack-mounted device with1 USB interface, 4 uplink GE ports, 4 uplink SFP ports, 2 10-gigabit uplink ports and 8 GPON ports, each GPON port supports the splitting ratio of 1:128 and provides downstream bandwidth of 2.5Gbps and upstream bandwidth of 1.25Gbps, system support 1024 GPON terminals accessing in for the most.

    This product has a high performance, and compact size is convenient and flexible to use and is easy to deploy, which meets the compact server room’s requirements in device performance and size. Moreover, the product has a good promotion of network performance that improves reliability and reduces power consumption. C-Data GPON OLT FD1608S-B0 applies to the three-in-one broadcast television network, FTTP (Fiber to the Premise), video monitoring network, enterprise LAN (Local Area Network), internet of things, and other network applications with a very high price/performance ratio.

    Main Features:

    - Meet the relative standard of ITU-T G.984/G.988 and GPON in the Chinese Communication Industry
    - Supportive of OMCI remote management for ONT/ONU, compatible with ITU-T G.984.4/G.988 OMCI Protocol
    - 1U height 16PON OLT product in the compact design of Pizza-box
    - A complete PON protection switching function
    - Layer 2 switching function: OLT equips with compelling layer 2 full wire-speed switching
    - QOS Guarantee: GPON products maintain a fully-improved DBA with excellent QOS service capabilities
    - Easy-to-Use management system: supportive of CLI, WEB, SNMP, TELNET, SSH, meets OMCI standard

    FD512XW-X-R361 - XPON ONU with 1GE + 1FE + Wi-Fi

    FD512XW-X-R361 dual-mode ONU supports EPON and GPON two modes access. The ONU automatically switches into the corresponding PON mode by identifying the local OLT mode to complete GPON or EPON adaptive access.

    FD512XW-X-R361 have a high reliability and provide quality of service guarantee, easy management, flexible expansion and networking. It fully meets the ITU-T and IEEE technical standards and have good compatibility with third party OLT.

    FD512XW-X-R361 integrates wireless function which meets 802.11 b/g/n technical standards. It has two external high gain omnidirectional antennas, the wireless transmission rate up to 300Mbps. It has the characteristics of strong penetrating power and wide coverage. It can provide users with more efficient data transmission security.

    Functional Features:

    - In compliant with IEEE802.3ah and ITU-T G.984 standard
    - Supports ONU auto-discovery/Link detection/remote upgrade of software
    - Meet 802.11 b/g/n technical standards
    - Supports VLAN transparent, tag configuration
    - Supports multicast function
    - Supports DHCP/Static/PPPOE internet mode
    - Supports port-binding
    - Supports OAM/OMCI+TR069 remote management

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