About Baicells

    Baicells is a privately-held, high tech company providing disruptively-priced and technically innovative LTE wireless broadband access solutions, supporting fixed wireless, and mobile small cells. With the vision to connect the unconnected, Baicells has introduced some real breakthrough technologies to LTE, like moving a complete LTE system to unlicensed spectrum and building it with an IT based architecture. With Baicells’ turnkey end-to-end solutions, it becomes much easier to provide wireless internet within everyone’s reach at a very low cost. Baicells’ innovative solutions can be used by mobile operators, broadband access operators, cable operators, mobile virtual operators, governments and enterprise private networks.

    Our Mission

    The world craves its internet. There is a constant growing demand for higher speeds, greater connectivity, and just plain ‘ol access. At Baicells this got us thinking and we raised the age-old question of, How? How can we meet this demand, and exceed all expectations while doing it?

    After considerable research and discussion we concluded that the answer couldn’t be found in greater fiber or Wi-Fi technologies, which are often too expensive or too unreliable to deploy in remote areas. Rather, the only viable solution for long-term, reliable, high-speed expanded coverage was in LTE technologies.

    This is where the Baicells mission began – to connect the unconnected through LTE, the global standard for today’s wireless communication of high speed data. Today, LTE can grant more users internet access on all their devices; faster, more reliably, cheaper, and with greater coverage than is possible with Wi-Fi.

    Why BaiCells?

    • LTE made easy - Simple as Wi-Fi (easy transition from Wi-Fi based networks to LTE)
    • Disruptive prices (low CAPEX), allowing even the smallest Operators to deploy LTE technologies
    • Simple, Cloud based EPC Core
    • Great Non Line of Site penetration (NLOS) capabilities*
    • We operate under LTE standards, so our products are compatible with other LTE vendors**

    *Based on field trial test results.
    **This statement assumes that other vendors operate within the guidelines of LTE standards.

    Baicells Featured Product

    Baicells Nova-436Q Two-carrier 3.5GHz 1W Outdoor LTE Base Station

    The Baicells Nova-436Q is a two-carrier outdoor eNodeB (eNB) that operates using standardized Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Time Division Duplexing (TDD) technology. This advanced 4x1W eNB delivers carrier aggregation (CA) across contiguous and non-contiguous channels, as defined by 3GPP. Each carrier can handle up to 20 MHz bandwidth; therefore, when aggregated the total bandwidth is 40 MHz. With Nova-436Q, you can achieve the capabilities of two eNBs with just one hardware unit. The benefits include increased capacity, better coverage, and less footprint.

    Note: Future software for the 436Q will support dual carrier (split) mode, where you can run the eNB as two separate carriers, each with up to 20 MHz bandwidth.

    Baicells Nova 436Q

    Easy Deployment
    * Suitable for private and public deployments
    * Any IP based backhaul can be used, including public transmission
    * Supports GPS synchronization
    * Lower power consumption to reduce OPEX
    * Plug-and-play with future self-organizing network (SON) capabilities
    * IoT with most Evolved Packet Core (EPC) vendors

    Better Performance
    * Standard LTE TDD Bands 42/43/48
    * Complies with 3GPP Release 13 standards
    * Supports 5/10/15/20 MHz bandwidth on each carrier
    * Supports 2 carriers, and will be software upgradeable to split mode and other features
    * Excellent non-line-of-sight (NLOS) coverage
    * Aggregate peak rate: (up to) DL 220 Mbps, UL 56 Mbps with 2x20 MHz and using all Cat6/7 UEs
    * 32 concurrent users; upgradeable to higher capacity in future software releases
    * Supports 4-port antenna or 2 antennas with 2 ports

    Easy Management
    * GUI-based local and remote Web management
    * TR069 network management interface support
    * Highly secured with equipment certification against potential intrusion risk

    Atom OD15 - 3.5GHz 18 dBi Outdoor LTE CPE

    The Baicells Atom OD15G Outdoor High-Gain CPE provides superior performance to bring broadband data and voice services to end users. It operates on standard LTE TDD, supports multiple bands, and complies with 3GPP Release 12 CAT15 standards. The CPE design incorporates UL 2x2, DL 4x4 MIMO and RX diversity, which enables improved cell coverage and high-speed wireless communications. It also supports Carrier Aggregation (CA), which increases data rates and improves overall network performance. The product comes with a standard one-year warranty.


    - Supports LTE TDD Bands 38/40/41/42/43/48
    - Complies with 3GPP Release 12 Cat15 standards
    - 1000 Mbps Ethernet interface
    - Peak data rate of up to 580 Mbps DL and 30 Mbps UL @ 20 MHz (2:7) in controlled environment
    - Supports MCS DL QPSK/16QAM/64QAM/256QAM and UL QPSK/16QAM/64QAM
    - Built-in LTE directional antenna, 4x4 MIMO
    - Power supply with PoE
    - GUI-based local and remote web management

    Baicells LTE Products

    Baicells Nova 227

    Baicells Nova-227 Outdoor TDD eNB

    The Nova-227 is a unique tool for your toolbox. We have built and priced this lower power 2x250mW LTE microcell eNodeB (eNB) specifically for tightly clustered pockets of customers, coverage holes, edges of your network, or simply opportunistic micro targeting, like RV parks, marinas, and highdensity dwellings like townhomes and apartments. When paired with self-install indoor user equipment (UE), such customer sets can be captured quickly and with a near immediate ROI. For private network operators, this microcell is perfect for clusters of cameras and other devices, such as at traffic intersections.

    Nova-227 Datasheet

    Baicells Nova 436

    Baicells Nova-436 Outdoor 1W TDD eNB

    The Nova-436 is the next generation of LTE eNodeB (eNB). In addition to the Baicells price:performance you have come to expect, these advanced 4x1W base stations deliver carrier aggregation, even across discontiguous channels, or may be used to “split sector” for maximum footprint and capacity in one package.

    Unlike competitive products, each Nova-436 carrier can have as high as 20 MHz of independent channel width. As is true of all Baicells eNB designs, the Nova-436 is lightweight, draws low wattage, and can be plug-and-play.

    Nova-436 Datasheet

    Baicells Nova 243

    Baicells Nova-243 Outdoor 10W eNB

    The Baicells Nova-243 eNodeB (eNB) is an outdoor LTE FDD/TDD base station with 2*10W output power (2x2 MIMO with 10W output each channel). The unit is compact, lightweight, and easy to deploy.

    The Nova-243 eNB offers excellent performance, helping operators to provide better coverage and higher capacity with minimal effort.

    Nova-243 Datasheet

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