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    When you’re building a wireless network, work with a partner that knows antennas. Alpha Wireless advises you confidently through your build so you achieve the highest performance and the greatest return on your investment.

    We listen to you. To your goals, your business needs, your unique network topology. We collaborate with you to design and deliver a network that will stand the test of time in an ever-changing industry.

    Confidence to Make the Best Choices

    Consumers are demanding greater and greater amounts of bandwidth for 5G, video, IoT applications and more. For operators, there is tremendous opportunity in the 3.5 GHz spectrum to meet these demands and close the digital divide. Yet, this opportunity comes with challenges.

    Building a new network or extending an existing network using 3.5 GHz is risky because it’s new. There are interference challenges, geographical barriers and zoning and concealment issues that can slow down your project and cost you time and money. Working with an experienced partner gives you confidence and the results you need.

    Opportunity Meets Capability

    Antennas are only two percent of a network budget. However, choosing the right antenna for the right application can have a huge economic impact. It can reduce the number of nodes you need and ease zoning and concealment issues. It can also increase your return by delivering the kind of performance that creates customer satisfaction and retention.

    We have more than 15 years of global experience in all kinds of network builds, but especially 3.5 GHz. We have developed our broad antenna portfolio in response to the issues we’ve seen. We know what your network needs, and if we don’t have a suitable solution, we’ll build one for you on your schedule.

    We’re Alpha Wireless, your antenna partner. We advise, design and deliver.

    Featured Products

    AW3161 - 3300-3800 MHz Base Station Sector Antenna

    The Alpha Wireless 3300-3800 MHz AW3161 is a high performance 4-port, 65° single band sector panel with electrical variable tilt. The antenna incorporates advanced phase-shifter technology to suppress all upper side lobes above the main beam, for all tilts and frequencies. The AW3161 eliminates interference in LTE networks with over 20 dB of upper side lobe suppression and 30 dB front to back ratio. This improves cell edge performance and enables high levels of spectral efficiency. This antenna’s consistent beamwidth and null filling below the main beam provides consistent coverage near-to and far-from the access point. The Alpha Wireless AW3161 provides ±45° slant polarization and supports 4×4 MIMO. This panel antenna delivers an impressive 18 dBi gain and optimized patterns for 3.5GHz CBRS and C-band deployments.

    • Wide-band antenna for 3GPP bands 42, 43 & 48.
    • Two tilt options available, mechanical electrical tilt (MET) and remote electrical tilt (eRET).
    • 4×4 MIMO for maximum throughput.
    • Enhanced tilt range of 0 to 10 degrees.

    AW3161-M-F-V2 Datasheet
    AW3161-E-F-V2 Datasheet

    AW3672 - 4-port 3400-3800 MHz Omnidirectional Antenna

    The AW3672 is a four-port omnidirectional canister covering the 3400-3800 MHz frequency band. This 4×4 MIMO omni antenna enables improved azimuth control through independently control of the elevation beam in six sectors. Each sector’s downtilt is adjustable from 0° to 10° using the manual electrical tilt (MET) dials. The AW3672 is an aesthetically pleasing solution to provide 360° of horizontal coverage for 4G and 5G private networks for the using the 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) and C-band spectrums.

    • Wide-band antenna for 3GPP bands 42, 43 & 48.
    • Optimised Pseudo omni with reduced azimuth ripple.
    • Slim monopole design to reduce wind loading.
    • Independent RET control for each array (x6).

    AW3672 Datasheet

    Alpha Wireless Products Overview

    Building a network using 3.5GHz, CBRS or C-Band spectrum is a smart business decision. Demand for connectivity is surging, and it’s one more step toward ending the digital divide. As promising as this spectrum is, however, new technologies can present unexpected obstacles.

    Alpha Wireless has deep experience designing 3.5 GHz networks. We’ll collaborate with you to fulfil your business plan at the lowest total cost of ownership. We’re flexible. Choose one of our many antenna solutions or we’ll rapidly customize within your build schedule.

    Our Products

    Our antennas offer high performance and coverage, reducing the number of antennas you need. Our antennas:

    Reduce Interference

    Upper side lobes on an antenna’s elevation pattern can cause unwanted radiation, interfere with desired signals and erode service levels. Most antenna vendors only suppress the first upper side lobe. Every Alpha Wireless antenna suppresses all upper side lobes by >18 dBi. In addition, our narrow-beam 33-degree antennas suppress the azimuth side lobes by >25 dB, greatly reducing interference.

    Improve Coverage

    Alpha Wireless external antennas require 25 percent fewer sites to deliver the same coverage as radio-integrated antenna solutions.

    Optimize With Tilt Options

    Alpha Wireless variable tilt antennas optimize tuning in your network. Each antenna has a different tilt setting based on the location and your network topography.

    AW3014 - 2-port 3300-3800 MHz Dual Slant Sector Antenna

    This Alpha Wireless 3300 MHz to 3800 MHz AW3014 panel antenna has 2 ports with dual ±45° slant polarization, a 65° beamwidth, and 18dBi gain. The antenna has a fixed electrical tilt and mounting bracket that allows for up to 10° of mechanical tilt. The slim-line sector antenna supports 2x2 MIMO fixed-wireless access (FWA) applications in the 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) frequency band. The AW3014 is ideal for applications requiring 65° horizontal coverage and frequency-reuse with LTE equipment.

    • Wide-band antenna for 3GPP bands 42, 43 & 48.
    • Dual Cross polarization antenna ±45°.
    • Mounting Bracket with variable tilt (Included).

    AW3825 - 4-port 3300-3800 MHz Pseudo-omni Canister Antenna

    The AW3825 is a 4-port, 3300-3800 MHz frequency, pseudo-omni canister antenna that is optimized for 4x4 MIMO solutions. This omni antenna has been shown to boost signal to noise and throughput for high-capacity sites requiring 360° of horizontal coverage. The AW3825 delivers a high 13.5 dBi gain with minimal azimuth pattern ripple and symmetric patterns between the dual ±45° slant polarizations. The AW3825 provides omni-directional coverage for 4G and 5G private networks using the 3.5GHz CBRS and C-band. It’s pseudo-omni pattern eliminates the need for multiple panels to address a coverage gap or capacity augmentation (network densification). This antenna supports LTE Bands 42, 43, and 48 and 5G NR bands n77 and n78.

    • Compact design - low visual impact.
    • 4 Port Psudo Omni design.
    • High Gain of 13.0dBi.
    • 6 bolt 3 leg antenna mount interface.

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