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    Airspan - Revolutionizing Mobile Radio Access Networks

    Airspan is a multi-award-winning 4G & 5G network densification solution provider.

    Established originally in 1992 as a product division of DSC Communications, Airspan became a standalone company in 1998 and today has more than 1000 customers in over 100 countries around the world.

    Airspan has an expansive product portfolio of indoor and outdoor, compact Femto, Pico, Micro and Macro base stations. The perfect tool kit to exploit the full potential of technologies such as mmWave, Sub 6GHz, Massive MIMO and open V-RAN architectures. As well as an industry leading fixed wireless access and backhaul solution portfolio for PTP and PTMP applications.

    Airspan also addresses non-mobile carrier and private network deployment including the needs of fixed Internet Service Providers, and a number of vertical market segments including Connected Automated Vehicles (CAV’s), Air-to-Ground in-flight connectivity, Smart Grids, Public Safety, Transportation and Oil & Gas.

    Airspan has been at the forefront of breakthrough RAN solutions and technologies and has deep in-house expertise in LTE and LTE-Advanced, OFDMA, Wi-Fi and VoIP. Airspan is able to exploit synergies and come up with innovative products and solutions that closely integrate these technologies in the most beneficial ways for customers. Airspan is also looking to the future with the development of solutions that combine small cells with Gbit/s backhaul and Virtualization, which will be the basis of our 5G products and solutions.

    Airspan Products


    Airspan’s Air5G OpenRANGE mmWave and Sub 6 GHz platforms provide the flexibility to disrupt the economics of traditional network operators and lay the foundation for transformational 5G architectures. With over half a million systems deployed globally, Airspan brings its proven disruptive economics to deliver fully virtualized 5G networks.

    • OpenRANGE06
    • OpenRANGE28
    • Air5G DU
    • AirDensity 5G


    80% of all mobile data traffic is consumed indoors, Airspan’s indoor network densification toolkit comprising of AirDensity, AirUnity & AirVelocity are specifically designed to solve the indoor mobile notspot problem. Deploying indoor small cells improves coverage and capacity in enterprises and public access areas, and thus enables operators to offer a greater user experience.

    • AirDensity
    • AirUnity
    • AirVelocity


    Airspan’s outdoor portfolio consists of AirHarmony, AirSpeed & AirStrand which provide a full range of compact all-outdoor eNodeBs with a variety of backhaul options. These products are designed to fit on any street furniture, rooftop or building walls, and can be deployed to eliminate coverage holes, boost traffic and solve in-building penetration problems.

    • AirHarmony
    • AirSpeed
    • AirStrand


    Airspan’s industry-leading backhaul and fixed access portfolio; iBridge & iRelay are designed specifically to solve outdoor and indoor backhaul connectivity issues where high capacity is required. These carrier-class solutions enable operators to revolutionize their deployment TCO thanks to their comprehensive self-healing and self-optimizing features.

    • iBridge
    • iRelay


    Airspan has a wide portfolio of Network Software Solutions ranging from EPC, EMS Advanced SON and 5G V-RAN which allow carriers and other verticals to disrupt the traditional implementation of end-to-end LTE and LTE-A network.

    • aCore
    • Netspan
    • AirSON

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