About ACTi

    A trusted Winncom partner for years, ACTi continues to drive innovation within multiple security and surveillance segments while providing customers with best-in-class video performance.

    ACTi's technology innovations in the development of JPEG/MPEG-4/H. 264 has empowered ACTi's worldwide partners and customers to enjoy best quality video performances from VGA up to Megapixel resolution at minimum bandwidth.

    The core value of ACTi is the ability to develop, integrate, and market complete end-to-end solutions for our clients in the IP surveillance market. ACTi's technology advancements enable complete solution offerings to cover all segments of the security market. Not only offering the IP surveillance hardware such as IP cameras and video servers, all ACTi products are bundled with free management software in addition to the rich selection of management applications offered by leading Independent Software Vendors that support ACTi hardware.

    ACTi Solution Packages

    Solution Packages - Out of the box solutions for your challenges

    ACTi Solution Packages bring turnkey solutions for handling the increasing challenges of your business in more automated and seamless ways. The solutions can be applied in retail, commercial building, parking lot, and many other markets for optimizing business management.

    Retail Solutions

    ACTi Retail Solution Packages bring out of the box solutions for handling the increasing challenges of your retail business in more automated and seamless ways.

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    Access Control Solutions

    Access Control Solution Packages efficiently prevent the unauthorized access using RFID cards, camera, and face recognition technology.

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    Digital Signage Package

    K00013 - Show video clips, images, web pages, and video from surveillance cameras.

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    Attendance Management with Card & Snapshot

    K00023 - Tracking of arrival and leaving of employees. Snapshot of each person for future reference.

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    Fleet Management Package

    K00025 - Task management and vehicle tracking of small fleets. Camera, GPS, NVR, Management Server.

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    Parking Lot Management Package

    K00026 - Recognize vehicles, notify personnel, track vehicle count and total occupancy of the parking lot.

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    System Health Management Package

    K00017 - Monitor hundreds of critical IP-based devices real time.

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