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    LiteLinx, headquartered in Albany, NY, stands out as a premier manufacturer of top-notch fiber solutions. LiteLinx is dedicated to research and development of innovative new product offerings, while customizing existing product portfolios. LiteLinx provides a comprehensive range of fiber optic products, encompassing cables, closures, cabinets, and accessories. LiteLinx is a customer centric company focusing on customer requirements and success.

    As an authorized partner of Calix, LiteLinx offers more than just products. We provide a range of professional services, including tier 1 and tier 2 support, NOC services, design and implementation assistance, and custom solutions tailored to your specific project. Our custom-made OLT cabinets are designed to integrate seamlessly into your infrastructure, optimizing performance and efficiency.

    LiteLinx Executive Summary

    LiteLinx Fiber Optic Cables

    ADSS Cable Single Sheath

    The Fiber Optic Type ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting) Cable with a Single Sheath is engineered to excel in demanding applications, with a primary design focus on impressive spans of 100 to 200 meters (notably, specific models extend this to spans of up to 600 meters). This cable stands as a testament to its robust and dependable nature, delivering a dependable solution for high-speed data transmission. Its innovative structure has been meticulously crafted to provide optimal performance and exceptional durability, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of reliability in the field.


    - Resistant to Environmental Factors: Withstand wind, ice, and temperature changes, expanding and contracting as needed.

    - Low Installation Cost: Cost-effective due to their self-supporting design, ideal for challenging terrains.

    - Lightweight and Compact: Easy to handle thanks to their dielectric design.

    - Low Maintenance: Require minimal maintenance with their non-metallic construction.

    - Long-Haul Application: Long-haul telecommunications networks and remote or water-crossing locations.

    Air Blown Micro-Cable, Loose Tube

    This ABF Cable product offers impressive mechanical and environmental characteristics. It boasts lightweight construction, a small diameter, and a high optical fiber capacity of up to 288F. Additionally, it features a low sheath friction coefficient. This cable is designed for installation into micro-ducts by using an air-blowing machine, making it ideal for micro tubes with a diameter of approximately 14/10mm.


    - Lightweight and flexible with small diameter.

    - High fiber counts to diameter ratio.

    - Low friction ribbed jacket to aid jetting process.

    - Metal-free, not subject to EMI or earth-bonding installations.

    - Compatible with micro-ducts.

    Anti-Rodent Fiber Optic Cable

    The cable's core features a non-metallic central core made of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP), which provides structural stability. To maintain a compact and circular cable core, the loose tube and filler rope are precisely helically wound around this central reinforcing core, ensuring the cable's shape and integrity.

    Any gaps within the cable core are meticulously filled with a water-blocking filler, effectively shielding the optical fibers from moisture. Furthermore, a longitudinally applied corrugated plastic-coated steel tape (PSP) enhances the cable's resilience against external forces and environmental conditions. The cable is then enclosed with a polyethylene sheath, adding an extra layer of protection and insulation.

    Furthermore, to add an extra layer of defense against rodent damage, an anti-rodent glass yarn is longitudinally wrapped around the cable. This protective element is then expertly extruded into a cable with a durable polyethylene sheath, offering an additional shield against external factors that could compromise the cable's integrity.


    - Central strength member (CSM): FRP rod.

    - Fiber 12-288F ITU-T G652D (A1 & A2 Glass options are available).

    - Enclosed in a water-resistant filling within loose tubes, while the loose tubes are SZ-stranded around CSM.

    - Metal-free, not subject to EMI or earth-bonding installations.

    - Longitudinal water tightness: dry core with water swellable yarns.

    Armored Underground Cable

    The cable's composition consists of several key components. A 250ìm optical fiber is securely housed within a high modulus loose tube, further reinforced with a waterproof compound for environmental protection. At the cable's core is a non-metallic FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) central core, providing structural stability.

    To create a compact, rounded cable core, the loose tube and filler rope are carefully twisted around the central reinforcing core, ensuring the cable's shape and integrity. Gaps within the cable core are diligently filled with a water-blocking filler, safeguarding the optical fibers from moisture.

    Additionally, a longitudinally applied corrugated plastic-coated steel tape (PSP) enhances the cable's resistance to external forces and environmental conditions. The cable is sealed with a polyethylene sheath, adding further protection and insulation.


    - Core Stability: Non-metallic FRP central core for structural stability.

    - Compact Design: Twisted loose tube and filler rope maintain shape and integrity.

    - Moisture Protection: Water-blocking filler safeguards optical fibers.

    - Enhanced Resistance: Longitudinally applied corrugated plastic-coated steel tape (PSP).

    LiteLinx Terminals

    Aerial Terminal

    Introducing our Aerial Terminal, meticulously designed for aerial fiber access networks, offering a cost-effective solution tailored for optical access networks.

    The innovative 33-inch terminal ensures environmental protection and facilitates swift incremental connection of subscribers' drop cables. Equipped with an enclosure resistant to environmental elements, it features quick-release clamps for effortless re-entry.

    Installation is a breeze with included aerial hanging brackets, supporting up to 12 Single-Fiber Drop Cable Assembly connector ports. The terminal boasts three express ports per end cap, accommodating Flatdrop or Pushable Duct Round STUBBED cable options. This FastConnect Terminal integrates options for integrated splitters, ensuring flexibility in deployment scenarios.

    User-friendly for both installation and operation, our Aerial Terminal prioritizes fiber protection, continuity, and efficient slack storage with up to 12 feet of capacity. Offering versatility with a maximum fiber cable capacity of 72 loose tubes or 216 ribbons, our Aerial Terminal is the optimal choice for seamless and reliable aerial fiber installations.

    Multiport Service Terminal (MST)

    This MST unit redefines installation practices by incorporating pre-connected inlet/outlet cables and hardened adapters on all ports, eliminating the need for splicing. This innovation substantially reduces installation time and enhances service provisioning efficiency by 15-30%. Engineered for outdoor use, the MST offers cost-effective fiber distribution with user-friendly operation and superior compatibility compared to traditional options. Its adaptability extends to various deployment scenarios, including FTTH and FTTx.

    The ultra-rugged IP68-rated structure ensures durability in challenging terrains and extreme temperatures (-40°C to +80°C). With configurations available in 4, 6, 8, and 12 ports, the MST unit provides scalability for networks of different sizes. LiteLinx's FastConnect MST unit ensures efficient and cost-effective FTTx-ODN network deployment, delivering reliable high-performance connectivity to end-users. The unit's diverse mounting options, including Strand-mounting, Pedestal, Hand-hole, and Pole-mounting, further enhance its versatility across various deployment environments.

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