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About Winncom Technologies BEAD Program BEAD

Winncom has the experts dedicated to help you understand the unique requirements associated to the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program In 2024, the BEAD Program is set to inject 42.45 billion dollars into expanding high-speed internet, focusing on unserved, underserved, and community anchor projects. Whether you have experience in previous funding vehicles like ARPA or the Capital Projects Fund or if the BEAD applications process is new, Winncom has a customized solution to help!

BEAD Approved Product Eco-Center

Winncom has proactively identified the industry’s leading ONTs, Fiber Solutions, Fixed Wireless, and Infrastructure Suppliers that are compliant with either the Buy America (BABA) program or the Unavailable Waiver. At Winncom, we understand the critical role suppliers play in the success of expansion projects, and we are committed to facilitating seamless connections. Rely on us not just as a provider, but as a dedicated partner in forging a more connected future.

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Winncom Services

Winncom's BEAD experts will work closely with you to assess your exact needs and provide a complete turnkey solution.

Grant Writing Services Grant

Winncom's Grant Writing Service will provide project management throughout the grant application process. We will check every document and assist with any questions along with post award compliance support.

Professional Engineering Engineering

Winncom's Professional Engineering Service can assist you with BEAD’s requirement of PE Stamped Drawings in conjunction with our ability to offer onsite support for wireless and fiber systems.

Financial Services LEAF

Don’t let funding be a problem. Winncom has a solution to help mitigate the 25% grant match requirement. Through our finance partner Leaf, Winncom can offer leasing programs for both product and services such as Grant Writing and Professional Engineering.

Winncom Supply Chain Services Chain

Save time, reduce cost, increase efficiency, and mitigate risk with Winncom's Supply Chain Services:

• Sourcing & Logistics
• Inventory Management
• Product Enhancement & Packaging

As we enter 2024, the $42.45 billion-dollar Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program is set to provide funding to expand high-speed internet access, particularly in unserved and underserved areas. At Winncom, our mission is to connect you with top-tier approved BEAD eligible suppliers offing fiber, wireless, and complete eco-center infrastructure solutions.

We stay committed to supporting your success by also offering enhanced supply chain solutions, third-party professional engineering, and grant writing support along with financial assistance, all tailored to address the challenges and opportunities related to BEAD.  

We're here to assist you every step of the way!

To better understand your needs and how we can support you, please respond to the following inquiry:

BEAD Questionnaire

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If yes, have you applied previously for other state funding vehicles like: CPS Capital Project Funds, ARPA, SLFRF, State Broadband Grants?
* Are you participating in the BEAD Broadband Challenge Program? Yes
If yes, what is your proposed unserved or underserved location or community anchor institution?
* Do you need assistance with Grant Writing Services, Professional Engineering Services (for required certified PE’s) or Financial Services? Yes
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