Westell Outlet

Now through 2023, get the following Westell Equipment at very special discounted pricing:

  Part Number Product Description List Price Outlet Price
A90-ES8108G-SFP-AC ES8108G Hardened, 8 (6+2G) Port Managed Switch with 2 SFP, AC powered $1,350.00 $810.00
A90-ES8108G-SFP ES8108G Hardened, 8 (6+2G) Port Managed Switch with 2 SFP $1,255.00 $753.00
A90-ESP8188G-SFP ESP8188G Hardened, 8 PoE and 2 SFP GigE Ports Managed Switch $1,488.00 $893.00
A90-ES8108G ES8108G Hardened, 8 (6+2G) Port Ethernet Managed Switch with 2 GigE ports $1,172.00 $704.00
A90-ES8106 ES8106 Hardened, 6-Port Ethernet Managed Switch $1,020.00 $612.00
A90-ES8006 ES8006 Hardened, 6-Port Managed Ethernet Edge Switch $898.00 $539.00
A90-BXA-PM03 BXA-PM03 Boxer Main Cabinet + Standard Battery Box Pole Mount Kit $679.00 $418.00
A90-BXA-HP01 BXA-HP01 120VAC Battery Heater Pad, 15"x17.8" $493.00 $304.00

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