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Siklu: MultiHaul Contest


Join Siklu's contest for a chance to WIN Siklu’s newest MultiHaulcTU + BU!

Want to WIN Siklu’s newest pocket sized MultiHaul™ cTUs + BU?

Don’t miss a chance to register to the raffle!

How do I register?

1. Follow this link and fill in your details and answer in the form

2. Follow Siklu on Social media

3. Like and share this post

Participating the contest on each social media platform will increase your chances to win! Click below to start:
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Follow these steps and get into our raffle for a chance to win the number of MultiHaul™ cTU radios you see in the photo + a MultiHaul™ BU!

Anyone who registers for the raffle will also receive a one-time 5% off the transfer price to end users, to be granted as a back ended rebate to distributers.

The lucky winner will be announced on July 1st 2019!