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Baicells Installation & Basic Troubleshooting Training

Baicells Installation & Basic Troubleshooting Training


**Includes the Associate Certification exam**

3 days in classroom: 2 days of training + 1 day of testing

Baicells Installation & Basic Troubleshooting is a hands-on, in-classroom, instructor-led training course that prepares you to install, initially configure, verify operation, and conduct Tier 1 level troubleshooting on Baicells eNodeB (eNB) and user equipment (UE). These Baicells products are part of a family of Baicells LTE network solutions, and are used for broadband wireless access to any 3GPP LTE backhaul network. As part of the course, the instructor will administer the hands-on and online written exam for the Associate Certification. For more information on the Baicells Certification program, click here.

The course is considered a foundational course for understanding LTE technology in general and as implemented in Baicells networks, and serves as a prerequisite for follow-on courses. The course format is very interactive; the instructor explains the material and demonstrates procedures, and then students work in teams to practice with the equipment and software. Each lesson includes review questions to reinforce learning. Students will be discussing, practicing, and reviewing throughout the course.

Learning Objectives

The primary course objective is that students will be able to plan, install, configure, verify operation, and troubleshoot common Tier 1 level issues with Baicells eNodeB and user equipment. The secondary objective is to help prepare students for the Associate Certification exam.


Target Audience (Prerequisites)

The course was designed for equipment installers and Tier 1 technical support engineers or other field personnel, and as a foundational background for those participating in the follow-on courses and exams or who need a better understanding of LTE and the Baicells solutions. The prerequisite skills and knowledge listed below are recommended for successful completion of this course:

  • Basic IP Networking: Familiar with OSI model, TCP/IP, IP addressing, subnet masks, broadcast addresses, static routes and routing protocols, dynamic IP addressing, DNS, DHCP, NAT, bridging, LANs, VLANs, WANs, MAC addresses
  • Basic Wireless: Familiar with RF propagation, spectrum, licensed and unlicensed frequencies, channels/bands, small cell vs macro cell coverage, fixed wireless, interference and other RF challenges, duplexing, modulation, antenna basics, end-user devices



Please click Here for full BIBT brochure with Topical Outline.

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