Engineering Emergency Services

    Engineering Emergency Services

    With the many changes and uncertainty we all currently face, questions arise on who to count on for versatility during these challenging times. Winncom is here for you every step of the way, and we strive to continue being your trusted partner.

    Our staff is committed to keeping you safe during site visits and installs, implementing safety practices that include:

    • Social distancing with all team members involved during a site survey or install
    • Frequent cleaning and sanitizing of tools and other gear
    • Use of personal protective equipment
    • Conducting online meetings in place of in-person meetings where applicable
    • Closely monitoring the health of our staff directly involved with your project

    Winncom engineers demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed not only for common every-day network designs but also during a time where immediate unconventional and complex design installs are vital to the health and safety of our communities. Some of the solutions we offer are outlined below. Please contact us directly to discuss your custom designs at or by submitting the form below.

    • Wi-Fi Solutions for School Parking Lots

      Drive-Up Outdoor Wi-Fi for easy access to school assignments, avoiding the bottle neck of strained provider networks. Simply install Wi-Fi APs on school and other municipal buildings connected directly to campus servers. Vehicles can pull up to these WAPs and connect within several hundred feet while maintaining social distancing as they remain in the vehicle with their client devices.
    • Wireless coverage (Wi-Fi and Cellular) for temporary command centers and tent hospitals

      Annex or create new physical sites by extending rapid deployment systems. Extend from various sources including buildings, towers, etc. using PTP Slaves, PtMP CPEs, LTE connections, and more to extend private networks to the newly allocated site. Use mounting assets, such as solar trailers, non-penetrating mounts, or convert power from existing parking lot or site infrastructure.
    • Mobile Security Checkpoints (Video Surveillance, RFID Reader)

      Additional uses for mobile wireless and mounting infrastructure include adding cameras and sensors to annexed or newly built areas. Use of cameras for security and elevated body temperature lenses are primary solutions for the current health climate.
    • Pop-up WISP Service Coverage Extension

      Wi-Fi is the most universal access method currently. Quick deploy systems can elevate, power, feed, and distribute data within minutes.
    • Quick to Deploy Fiber Replacement, Pop-up High Speed Multi-hop Backhaul Solution

      Over capacity backhaul networks can be doubled with a climb, rather than time consuming digging. Even with overhead fiber permitting still takes time. With quick design and planning existing networks can more than double capacity with a single or multi-hop strategy.
    • Drive thru Parking Lot Health Testing

      As commercial business offer parking lots to increase testing capacity while reducing contact the drive thru methodology needs data in the parking lot. Using rapid deployment trailers, DC to AC conversion hardware, and quick links to bridge the building with remote campus style distances.
    • Cellular Extension Networks

      Enable newly annexed buildings with an instant plug and play cellular amplifier to bring coverage to areas that were not formerly considered for primary use. Expanding into the basements, hallways, garages, and other areas where cellular coverage is weak or nonexistent.

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