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    Welcome Wireless ISPs!

    Welcome Wireless ISPs!

    Winncom is dedicated to serving the community by offering Wireless ISPs access to the highest quality products at the best possible prices. As we know that WISPs are out there in the field providing access to those who need it most, Winncom understands the importance of offering reliable and cost-effective solution for all types and sizes of deployments. We offer a full portfolio of wireless broadband networking products and accessories. Additionally, if a WISP needs assistance with network planning, we offer a complete suite of professional engineering services. With a solid reputation in the industry since the early ‘90s and as a long-time member of WISPA, we’re ready to serve you with the best pricing in the industry, a knowledgeable and experienced sales force, and plenty of stock on the shelves. Call us today!

    New Release - cnPilot™ E410 and E600

    cnPilot E500

    cnPilot™ E410 - 802.11ac Wave 2 Dual Band 2x2 Indoor Access Point

    Future proof your indoor deployments with the compact, low profile, 802.11ac Wave 2 Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) beamforming, high-speed E410 Enterprise Access Point. The E410 is perfect for schools, malls, hotels, resorts, coffee shops, multi-dwelling units (MDUs), or any indoor environment that needs reliable, high performance access points.

    cnPilot™ E600 - Gigabit 802.11ac Wave 2 Dual Band 4x4 Indoor Access Point

    Stay on top of the latest standards with the high-powered, Gigabit speed, beamforming, Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) 802.11ac wave 2 E600 access point with a 4x4 antenna array.. From the classroom to the mall, cnPilot E600 Indoor is perfect for applications that demand high capacity, range, and/or support high user density.

    cnPilot E600

    Managed by Cambium’s cn Maestro™ cloud controller or On-premises controller, the cnPilot E410/E600 management includes:
    • Zero touch onboarding
    • Inventory tracking & monitoring
    • Mass configuration & upgrade
    • Dashboard views with alarms
    • Troubleshooting
    • Hierarchical device organization

    The E410/E600 supports seamless roaming for up to 1,000 clients without needing a controller in the network. Hotspot portal hosting on the AP itself offers controller-less simplicity.

    Make sure that every connection to an access point is successful. When service to a critical resource such as an external Gateway or AAA is down, the E410/E600 can turn off the impacted SSIDs, enabling client devices to redirect to a functional, neighboring access point.

    Indoor meshing across multiple E410s/E600s, or Indoor/Outdoor meshing across both the Indoor E410/E600 and the Outdoor E500, offers convenient options to wirelessly expand Wi-Fi coverage.

    The plenum-rated E410/E600 packs a max transmit power of 25 dBm / 28 dB and is DFS certified to utilize additional reserved 5 GHz DFS channels - offering more flexibility than ever for both coverage and capacity. Throughput management via airtime fairness, increased performance by Automatic Channel Scanning (ACS), and higher client device speeds from band steering ensure your network can adapt to dynamic client behaviors.

    A capacity of 256 concurrent client associations and 16 SSIDs, along with dual on-board Active/Standby memory banks, ensure the E410/E600 combines high density with high availability.

    The 802.11ac wave 2 E410 comes with a free controller and no AP management license fees. There are no hidden charges.

    Including a free controller and requiring no AP management license fees, the 802.11ac wave 2 E600 is one of the most competitively priced 4x4 access points.

    Cambium ePMP and cnPilot Product Families

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    Featured Products - MikroTik Routers & Wireless


    Now We are Carring MikroTik Products

    MikroTik is a Latvian company which was founded in 1995 to develop routers and wireless ISP systems. MikroTik now provides hardware and software for Internet connectivity in most of the countries around the world.

    Our experience in using industry standard PC hardware and complete routing systems allowed us in 1997 to create the RouterOS software system that provides extensive stability, controls, and flexibility for all kinds of data interfaces and routing.

    In 2002 we decided to make our own hardware, and the RouterBOARD brand was born. We have resellers in most parts of the world, and customers in probably every country on the planet.

    Featured MikroTik Products

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