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Videotec manufactures in-house a wide range of CCTV products recognized for high performances, flexibility and style. Our mission to lead the field in the development of robust, reliable and high performances mechanical and electronic products for surveillance applications is the driving force behind our success.

Videotec's commitment to full implementation of the ISO Standards 9001 involves daily efforts and concern in establishing and maintaining efficient quality procedures for the production of our entire range of products. Being an ISO-certified company means implementing a number of extensive procedures for all product engineering, production, sale and service phases that must go through strict and consistent quality-controls and tests.

Videotec can provide bespoke solutions for each market, culture and nation. Our marketing team can quickly adjust to market changes thanks to specifically qualified skills and maximum organizational flexibility. Care and concern for the requirements of our customers is our mission. A tight cooperation with all our partners is essential to understand and even forecast all their needs and provide a fast reaction to their requests.

Videotec Featured Product

MAXIMUS MPX Explosion proof PTZ system

MAXIMUS MPX - Explosion-Proof stainless steel PTZ positioning system

MAXIMUS MPX is a stainless steel, sturdy explosion-proof pan & tilt featuring a telemetry receiver and a Day/Night camera. MAXIMUS MPX performs continuous rotation and provides high speed, absolute positioning precision, superior image quality and simplified system configuration.

It is made of AISI 316L stainless steel passivated and electropolished.

The speed can reach up 100°/s by stepless horizontal rotation over a -90° to +90° vertical range. The P&T head can handle preset, autopan and patrol functions with 0.02° accuracy.

The integrated SONY camera is available with different optical zoom and allows high precision viewing of nearby or remote objects and dynamic masking of private areas. Moreover, the 1/4'' Super HAD CCD II sensor (version with 28x zoom) guarantees high sensitivity in poorly lit environments.

All models feature a standard integrated wiper. 24, 230 or 120VAC versions in PAL or NTSC modes.

In addition to the OSD configuration, the system features a RS485/RS422 interface for complete control and remote updating to the latest firmware. The Pan & Tilt is available both in analogue mode (via coaxial cable or optical fibre, single mode or multimode) and in digital mode through the Ethernet cable, depending on the version.

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