Over the years, Winncom has built a trusted relationship with RADWIN and proudly continues to offer our customers RADWIN's industry-leading portfolio of products.

    RADWIN provides a complete portfolio of sub-6 GHz Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint solutions and a Multi-service 3G small cell solution. For delivering wireless broadband-in-motion, RADWIN offers its FiberinMotion® Mobility Solution for vehicles, trains and vessels.

    RADWIN's wireless systems transmit Voice, Video and Data on a single platform. The systems incorporate cutting-edge technologies and interference mitigation techniques, including MIMO and OFDM. The highly durable solutions operate flawlessly in all environments and are extremely simple to install and maintain.

    RADWIN's solutions are deployed in over 150 countries by Tier-1 carriers, service providers and enterprises, delivering carrier-class performance at the most competitive prices in the market. The systems are ideal for a broad range of Backhaul, Broadband Access, Enterprise Connectivity and Video Surveillance Transmission applications.

    RADWIN New Product

    RADWIN JET - Carrier-Class Beamforming for Enterprise & Residential

    RADWIN JET Base Stations are disruptive PtMP solutions incorporating a smart beamforming antenna and advanced air interface. JET’s antenna beam cancels radio interference and enables operation in heavily congested unlicensed bands and in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) conditions. Delivering the highest actual capacity for longer range with second-to-none service reliability, the RADWIN JET enables service providers to boost their ARPU while simultaneously reducing infrastructure costs.

    The JET’s smart beamforming antenna, its innovative air-interface and TDD-network synchronization combine to boost frequency reuse to new levels. JET addresses the need for high network throughput while drastically reducing the amount of frequency spectrum needed for deployments.

    JET Base Stations are ideal for deployment in congested 5GHz unlicensed spectrum or in 3.xGHz licensed bands with scarce free spectrum, either in either suburban/rural areas or as a replacement for WiMAX.

    RADWIN JET Base Station models:

    JET AIR (5.X GHz): Designed for pure residential networks and service providers with a limited financial budget.

    JET PRO (5.X GHz) / JET (3.5GHz): Built for mixed networks of enterprise and residential customers. It enables service providers to offer and meet agreed-upon service level agreements (SLAs) for enterprise customers based on CIR (Committed Information Rate).


    Do I need SLA (Service-Level Agreement)?

    Service providers can easily mix-and-match between these two Base Station models, achieving and delivering the best service with the lowest TCO.

    RADWIN JET Series Highlights

    • Base Station with smart Uplink and Downlink beamforming antenna
    • Up to 750 Mbps per sector, 3 Gbps per cell using 2 x 80MHz
    • Guaranteed SLA or best-effort per Subscriber Unit
    • Incomparable interference immunity, similar to PtP
    • Pay-as-you-grow Subscriber Units: 25 up to 250Mbps
    • Scalable network: TDD synchronization
    • High spectrum efficiency - 18bps/Hz per cell
    • Multi-band support: 4.9-5.9GHz or 3.3-3.8GHz
    • Simple operation
    • Compatible with all RADWIN 5000 Subscriber Units install bases
    • Long range - 40 km / 25 miles

    RADWIN JET Operational Benefits


    • Optimized frequency reuse – only 2 frequency channels per network
    • Optimal network capacity in dense deployments (due to radio synchronization)
    • Scheduled Air Interface protocol ensuring QoS and SLA service
    • Simplified network planning
    • Full span of asymmetric traffic
    • Seamless network capacity upgrade of RADWIN 5000 install base

    RADWIN JET Business Benefits

    Grow your ARPU
    • Expand services to lucrative enterprise customers
    • Deliver greater capacity packages

    Lower TCO
    • Single PtMP family providing multiple services
    • Save on tower costs
    • Reduce helpdesk calls & customer churn

    • High capacity last mile connectivity for residential or enterprise in dense areas
    • Backhaul for wireless and landline access systems such as Wi-Fi hot spots, cellular base stations and DSLAMs

    RADWIN SU Highlights

    Carrier Calss high Capacity
    • Pay as you grow - 25, 50 & 100Mbps
    • High durability (IP67 enclosure)
    • Compatible with all RADWIN base stations
    • Ultra-capacity for enterprise customers - up to 250Mbps

    Innovative Operational Simplicity
    WINTouch App - for easy installation, management and monitoring of RADWIN Subscriber Units in the field
    TurboGain Antenna - small form factor snap-on antenna to increase gain

    RADWIN Featured Product

    RADWIN 2000i All-Indoor Radio

    RADWIN 2000i all-indoor radio designed for carrier, utility and industrial networks provides ultra-high capacity and extended range for backhaul and IP connectivity.

    Eliminating the need for expensive leased lines, RADWIN 2000i offers easily installable and highly secure wireless backhaul that boosts capacity and improves manageability.


    RADWIN 2000i Highlights

    • Up to 750 Mbps net Ethernet throughput
    • Long range - Up to 120 Km/75 miles
    • Multi-band radio: 4.9GHz to 6GHz
    • Configurable asymmetric and symmetric capacity
    • Advanced OFDM & MIMO technologies
    • Built-in GPS receiver for radio synchronization
    • Dynamic channel bandwidth selection (D-CBS)

    RADWIN Product Families

    RADWIN offers carrier-class products in the sub-6GHz space, empowering carriers and service providers with wireless backhaul and broadband access.

    RADWIN portfolio comprises a broad range of wireless broadband connectivity products to suit the needs of today's and tomorrow's networks. Available in Point-to-Point and Multiple-Point-to-Point architectures and combining TDM and Ethernet transmission, RADWIN products power a variety of applications for carriers, service providers and private networks.

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