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    Firetide, Inc. is a privately held wireless technology company that develops networking equipment for video surveillance, Internet access, public safety, and temporary networks wherever rapid deployment, mobility, and ease of installation are required.

    Firetide provides the highest performance fixed and mobile wireless IP network infrastructure products that enable concurrent video, voice and data applications for government, transportation, education and commercial customers . The company’s products are used to build private wireless mesh infrastructure and access networks for indoor and outdoor use that are highly reliable and secure. Founded in 2003, Firetide is based in Campbell, California, with operations throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions. Firetide has an installed base of thousands of customers in 40 countries around the world.

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    Infrastructure mesh technology from Firetide provides municipal, industrial and enterprise users with the bandwidth needed to expand the reach of their existing networks, while adding a variety of fixed and mobile applications: city-wide video surveillance, traffic management and intelligent transportation systems, Wi-Fi access for mobile city workers and wireless broadband for underserved areas.

    HotPort® 7000 mesh nodes ship as 802.11a/b/g/n dual-radio capable hardware, with enhanced functionality enabled through software licenses. Projects that do not require 802.11n MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) capacity or dual-radio capability can start with 802.11a/b/g-enabled singleradio configuration. Dual-radio functionality can easily be enabled through a software license at an additional cost. Similarly, a separate software license can enable MIMO functionality for operation in 40 MHz channels, and to take advantage of 802.11n technology to achieve throughput of up to 300 Mbps both outdoors and indoors.

    Unlike wired networks, where deployment is cumbersome, the self-forming nature of the Firetide mesh network ensures rapid deployment of large-scale networks. The HotPort 7000 mesh features integrated spectrum analysis, network capacity planning and antenna alignment tools for easier deployments and network management.

    The HotPort 7000 nodes form a multipoint to multi-point ad hoc wireless mesh network with no single point of failure. Unlike a wired network, where a cut in the cable could take several days to resolve, the Firetide mesh routes the traffic immediately on an alternate link ensuring continuous service and network availability.

    To maximize performance, dual-radio HotPort 7000 nodes support two radio modes. In the "bonded" mode, both radios are combined to operate as a single unit that provides double the bandwidth of a single radio equivalent. In the ''linear'' mode, both radios operate independently enabling sustained bandwidth levels over an unlimited number of hops. This enables long linear topologies, such as when networking a railway line, and provides a sustained level of service to every node, which is also critical for large municipal networks.

    Firetide's patented AutoMesh™ flow based routing protocol supports advanced load balancing and congestion control mechanisms for optimal routing within the mesh network. The HotPort 7000 mesh infrastructure also provides extensive VLAN capabilities critical for deploying a multi-service network on a large scale.

    Firetide Solutions

    Industrial Solutions

    Industrial and commercial sites have a variety of security, broadband, and communications challenges that can be quickly and cost-effectively solved with Firetide wireless mesh networks. Firetide enables rapid and cost-effective deployment of wireless networking infrastructure to provide protection and connectivity 24/7 for employee mobility, real-time video surveillance, LAN extension, and voice over IP/radio over IP communications.

    With a wireless mesh network from Firetide, you can realize the benefits of IP-based access control, theft prevention, asset protection, warehouse and inventory oversight, infiltration or vandalism prevention, employee safety, evidentiary records procurement, secure communications, and more.

    Industrial sites that can benefit from Firetide wireless mesh networks include manufacturing plants, R&D laboratories, factories, warehouses, and construction sites. Commercial applications that require networked solutions include shopping malls, parking lots, gas stations, convenience stores, banks, and more.

    Firetide Wireless Infrastructure Mesh Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry
    Firetide Wireless Infrastructure Mesh Solutions for the Smart Grid

    Hospitality Solutions

    Providing Internet access to guests is much easier than ever before. With a Firetide wireless mesh network, you can create a hot zone quickly and unobtrusively to cover guest rooms, conference rooms, lounges, dining rooms, lobbies, and outdoor hospitality venues.

    Business and vacation travelers alike expect high-speed Internet access in an increasing number of venues. From train and airport lounges, to hotel rooms and conference centers, and even marinas, golf courses and resorts, enabling fast, easy access has become a requirement for the hospitality industry.

    Firetide Wireless Mesh Solutions for TELCOS: Access & Small Cell Backhaul

    Trasportation Solutions

    Transportation and mass transit agencies have a variety of security, operations, and communications challenges that can be quickly and cost-effectively solved with Firetide wireless mesh networks. Firetide enables rapid deployment of wireless networking infrastructure to provide mobile connectivity 24/7 for passenger and operator safety, employee mobility, efficient business operations, liability protection, and enhanced services to patrons, including Wi-Fi® access.

    With a wireless mesh network from Firetide, you can realize the benefits of IP-based real-time video surveillance, wireless connectivity at depots, and voice over IP communications. Firetide wireless mesh networks dramatically increase passenger and operator safety—where previously real-time response has been impossible—enhancing the safety and security of passengers, first responders, and transit personnel alike.

    Firetide Wireless Infrastructure Mesh Solutions for Transportation and Mobility

    Video Surveillance

    Video surveillance is without question a powerful tool for public safety and security and with the increasing need for more security in airports, schools, and other critical environments, the demand for video installations is growing rapidly. An obvious benefit of video surveillance is 24/7 monitoring of both densely populated areas and remote, isolated locations. Whether used for live monitoring, recording, or both, video has proven to be invaluable for identifying individuals, spotting criminal activity, and recording accidents and other events.

    Being able to connect digital video cameras to computer networks and the Internet has increased the flexibility and accessibility for both collection and distribution of video data. Although this enables cameras to be installed in more locations, the availability of network ports and cabling is still a limiting factor when deploying video cameras in many locations.

    Firetide Wireless Infrastructure Mesh Solutions for Wireless Video Surveillance

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