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Education Solutions

Educators and the local governments that support them work to provide the best possible learning environments for students in their district. Without easy access to the internet, both students and teachers are limited to outdated and inefficient forms of instruction. Winncom is working to help remove traditional (and physical) barriers to online learning by providing highly efficient and cost-effective wireless broadband solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of educational institutions, both large and small. Our goal is to help you modernize and future-proof your network at a fraction of the cost of traditional wired networks.

Utilizing the latest developments in infrastructure design, Winncom provides safe, secure, and robust high-speed internet solutions for our nation's schools and universities without the need for costly and extensive cable pulling. Both urban and rural school districts can greatly benefit from a wireless network, as the cost of trenching fiber can easily run into the millions. Inexpensive multipoint networks or standard Wi-Fi technology will provide broadband access to schools, universities, and even surrounding communities. Partner with Winncom now and see the lightning-fast return on investment (ROI).

  • BridgeWave Point-to-Point Solution for Education. BridgeWave Point-to-Point Solution for Education.
    BridgeWave Communications produces ultra low cost gigabit speed wireless solutions from design to manufacturing, enabled by BridgeWave developed transceiver and modem technologies. BridgeWave solutions utilize high-frequency radio spectrum in the 60-90 GHz range, now being allocated by the FCC, enabling multi-gigabit per second wireless connectivity.
  • Extricom Wireless LAN System: Wireless That Works Extricom Wireless LAN System: Wireless That Works
    Extricom's award-winning Wireless LAN system is a new generation of business-class wireless infrastructure that scales from a single office to multi-building corporate campuses. Developed to tackle real-world institutions and challenges, the Extricom WLAN has established its reputation by providing reliable service where other WLAN systems have failed to perform to expectations, in some of the har
  • Proxim Wireless LAN: Enterprise Wi-Fi Access Points for Schools, Hospitals and Enterprises Proxim Wireless LAN: Enterprise Wi-Fi Access Points for Schools, Hospitals and Enterprises
    With the advent of 802.11n technologies, the age of the truly wireless enterprise is here. With throughput speeds more than double that of many traditional wired LANs, today's enterprises can not only experience greater speed and efficiency, but with all the benefits of mobility as well.
  • Redline Professional Services: Worldwide. World-Class Redline Professional Services: Worldwide. World-Class
    Use Redline's Professional Services to turn your broadband wireless network into a world-class business asset. We’ll help you simplify planning, deployment, management and maintenance. You'll maximize efficiency and realize a greater return on your product investment. With Redline Professional Services you are assured of a network that is Powerful, Versatile and Reliable - today and into the futur
  • Vemotion CCTV Solutions - Services Vemotion CCTV Solutions - Services
    Video means customer service can be improved, technical support increased and equipment downtimes reduced whilst effectively reducing costs. Vemotion allows direct access to specialist expertise through immediate real time visual information.