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Vemotion Solutions

  • Vemotion CCTV Solutions - Cash in Transit Security Vemotion CCTV Solutions - Cash in Transit Security
    Vemotion's solution meets the need to 'reduce risk' in every stage of the transit journey. The key element that we offer is the ability to cover the whole journey - especially the riskiest element where the cash leaves the safe haven of the Customer building and before it gets to the safe haven of the vehicle.
  • Vemotion CCTV Solutions - Security Vemotion CCTV Solutions - Security
    Live video information makes the difference between hearing about events as they unfold and seeing what's going on for yourself. Vemotion makes it possible to transmit quality real time video efficiently over unmanaged networks, allowing visual coverage from many more locations than fixed CCTV solutions.
  • Vemotion CCTV Solutions - Services Vemotion CCTV Solutions - Services
    Video means customer service can be improved, technical support increased and equipment downtimes reduced whilst effectively reducing costs. Vemotion allows direct access to specialist expertise through immediate real time visual information.
  • Vemotion CCTV Solutions - Transport Vemotion CCTV Solutions - Transport
    Vemotion's ability to operate in a mobile environment offers great possibilities for those who need video coverage irrespective of geography. Widespread GSM coverage now allows Vemotion to convey 'live' video from almost anywhere in the world utilising existing GPRS or 3G data channels or any other low bandwidth network and true global connectivity can be achieved through the use of satellite.