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Baicells - How LTE helps solve NLOS challenges

June, 7
Location: Webinar

Baicells webinar hosted by Winncom

How LTE Helps Solve NLOS Challenges: 

Baicells Technologies is offering LTE at a value that blows away the entrenched myths that LTE is too expensive for operators that might be interested in LTE for private networks (such as WISPs, small towns and cities, or verticals like oil & gas). A fair question remains: Why LTE at all? So we’d like to explain the impact of two simple issues you may not fully appreciate yet: NLOS challenges and the benefits of a standard. We think once you understand, the case for using LTE as your primary wireless access method will be too compelling to ignore. 

Date: June 7, 2018

Time: 2:00PM EST

Presented By: Cameron Kilton, Dir Engineering Services - Baicells

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