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How to Design Proxim Wireless Surveillance Ready Network

November, 15
Location: Webinar

Proxim Hosted Webinar
· Whether you're concerned with providing security to students on a university campus or safeguarding a national waterway, the challenge is the same, how to connect bandwidth intensive HD surveillance cameras in remote areas where running wires is either cost-prohibitive or not possible. If this sounds familiar, then you won’t want to miss this live webinar hosted by Andrew Hunter, Senior Systems Engineer and Proxim Certification Training Instructor.
· Attendees of this Webinar will Learn:
· How to design a reliable and secure solution for backhauling HD and Megapixel video
· Common mistakes, assumptions and pitfalls to avoid when deploying a wireless video solution
· How to overcome some of the challenges when backhauling video in environments such as dense urban areas, across water, on bridges, and inside tunnels
· How the Proxim Wireless proprietary WORP® and ClearConnect® technologies help you address video surveillance requirements
Presented by: Andrew Hunter, Senior Systems Engineer at Proxim Wireless
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