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Cambium Roadshow

March, 24
Location: North Bend OR

ePMP Director of Engineering, Daniel Sullivan, will be visiting the Southwest Coast of OR in Coos Bay / North Bend on March 24 to provide interactive and hands on ePMP and ePMP Elevate training.  Students are encouraged to bring an “Elevatable” subscriber unit to class for an interactive class experience of a radio before and after being  “Elevated”.  For the list of “Elevatable” subscribers go to, select “Spec Sheets”, and select “ePMP Elevate Specifications”.
Topics for the training include:
•         ePMP Products Overview
•         Key ePMP Features
o    Scalability
o    Air Fairness
o    Modes of Operation: TDD Fixed Frame, TDD Flexible Frame, ePTP
o    GPS Synchronization and Frequency Reuse
o    Interference Mitigation
o    QoS and MIR
o    Key Networking Features
•         ePMP 2000
•         ePMP Elevate
The class starts at 9am.  Breakfast snacks and a lunch will be provided free of charge.  The class will take place at:
The Mill Casino Hotel
3201 Tremont St
North Bend, OR 97459
If you are interested in attending, please email mailto: