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Cambium Networks: cnReach Tradeshow Promotion

During the months of May through August, Cambium Networks will be exhibiting at a number of Industrial trade shows and events. Show attendees may be given a certificate allowing them to receive a Free cnReach radio when they purchase one.

Cambium Networks: ePMP™ Free Elevate License Promotion

ePMP Elevate is a software-based solution that allows operators to upgrade existing non-ePMP networks to ePMP quickly and at minimal cost. To further reduce the cost of upgrading with Elevate, Cambium Networks is running a new promotion that offers considerable savings.

Cambium Networks: PMP 450m Promotion Bundle for Q3 2017

Cambium Networks is offering a promotional bundle to allow operators to try cnMedusa™ in their network at a reduced cost.

Cambium Networks: PTP 820 Acceleration Promotion

Eligible end customers will benefit by receiving special pricing (including Cambium Care) and one Free PTP 820 training with qualifying purchase. Eligible new VARs will also benefit by receiving two Free PTP 820 trainings.

Cambium Networks: Step Up to cnPilot Promotion

Cambium Networks is pleased to announce Step up to cnPilot™ Promotion to replace existing Wi-Fi systems for net new end customers. This promotion will help to drive revenue and upgrade a customer’s experience with Cambium Wi-Fi solutions.