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Cambium Networks: cnReach Tradeshow Promotion

cnReach Tradeshow Promotion!

Cambium Networks

During the months of May through August, Cambium Networks will be exhibiting at a number of Industrial trade shows and events (e.g., UTC National, IOT World, AWWA, and others). Show attendees may be given a certificate allowing them to receive a Free cnReach radio when they purchase one. The offer is for end user organizations only in the United States and Canada, and each end user organization is eligible for only one offer. The promotion is valid through August 31, 2017. The redemption process is shown below.


Attendees of select trade shows may receive a certificate similar to the example shown below from Cambium event staff. The certificate contains a URL ( and an offer to receive a cnReach radio at no charge when a cnReach radio is purchased at the same time.

1. The end user customer visits the website ( with the certificate received at the show to register participation.
2. The end user receives an email containing a redemption code for this promotion.
3. The end user presents this redemption code email to a VAR or Distributor in order to receive the special offer.
4. The VAR fulfills the order: One unit at normal price; one at no charge.
5. The Distributor will honor the promotional discount up front to the VAR, as long as a valid promotion code and end user customer are identified at the time of purchase.

Cambium Cash may still be redeemed for all cnReach radios sold during the current cnReach Cambium Cash period.

Eligible cnReach Products:

NB-N500910A-US - cnReach N500 900 MHz Single
NB-N500911A-US - cnReach N500 900 MHz Single with IO
NB-N500920A-US - cnReach N500 900 MHz Dual
NB-N500921A-US - cnReach N500 900 MHz Dual with IO
NB-N500710A-US - cnReach N500 700 MHz Single
NB-N500711A-US - cnReach N500 700 MHz Single with IO
NB-N500720A-US - cnReach N500 700 MHz Dual
NB-N500721A-US - cnReach N500 700 MHz Dual with IO
NB-N500410A-US - cnReach N500 450 MHz Single
NB-N500411A-US - cnReach N500 450 MHz Single with IO
NB-N500420A-US - cnReach N500 450 MHz Dual
NB-N500421A-US - cnReach N500 450 MHz Dual with IO

Terms and Conditions:
A. Offer available only to end user organizations in the United States and Canada.
B. One voucher or offer can be redeemed per end user organization.
C. End user must register at and receive a redemption code.
D. The end user must present the cnReach redemption code to the ConnectedPartner VAR or Distributor at the time of order.
E. VAR must provide a valid promotion code and end user information to the distributor at the time of order to receive the discount.
F. cnReach show offer certificates expire August 31, 2017.
G. Promotional credit may not be combined with other special pricing, promotions, or volume purchasing agreements, with the exception of the current Cambium Cash promotion for cnReach.
H. Cambium Networks reserves the right to end the program at any time.

For more information, please contact Winncom Technologies: 1-888-WINNCOM or