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BridgeWave: Q1 2015 BridgeWave BUX CertVAR Promotion

BridgeWave BUX for FREE BridgeWave Merchandise

To kick off the New Year, BridgeWave is offering an exciting promotion only to our Certified VAR partners. Between January 1 and March 31, 2015, BridgeWave is offering the “BridgeWave BUX” promotion. This promotion allows you to earn BridgeWave Bucks (Credits) and apply those credits to new hardware (radios), warranties and accessories registered and purchased in Q1 2015. It’s an easy way for you to fill up that BridgeWave wallet with BridgeWave BUX and apply it to your Q2 purchases from BridgeWave. Just sell as much as you can in Q1 and spend all your BridgeWave BUX in Q2 and receive free merchandise from BridgeWave.

For everything you sell during the promotion period, BridgeWave will apply a percentage of the LIST PRICE of the link as a credit to your account. To qualify, you must sell a minimum of five links and then all your “BridgeWave BUX” are activated and applied to your BridgeWave Wallet! The more you sell, the thicker your wallet gets! These “BridgeWave BUX” are applied as a percentage of list prices per the table below:

Product Type Credit
All Radio Hardware 5% of list price
Software Upgrades 10% of list price
Warranty Products 10% of list price
Miscellaneous Parts 5% of list price

Promotion Details

This exclusive promotion to BridgeWave Certified VARs provides you with BridgeWave BUX (Credits) that can be applied to the purchase of any BridgeWave product or service in Q2 2015. Certified VARs can take advantage of this promotion for any opportunity they already have registered in BridgeWave’s CRM, and for any new opportunity that is registered during the promotion period that ships between Jan 1 and Mar 31, 2015. Opportunities must be registered and approved by your BridgeWave Sales Director in order to receive BridgeWave BUX. Credits are applied as per the table above and expire June 30, 2015, giving you all of Q2 2015 to empty your BridgeWave Wallet! All you do is place the order with BridgeWave using the “BridgeWave BUX” in your wallet and recognize 100% pure profit margin on the product or service*. That’s right 100% profit margin!

To qualify, all you have to do is sell five registered BridgeWave links (any mix, any type) to achieve the benefits of this promotion.

* 100% profit margin claim dependent on the number of link credits earned and the type of BridgeWave product purchased using these credits.

For more information please contact Winncom Technologies: 1-888-WINNCOM or

1. BridgeWave assigns “BridgeWave BUX” also referred to as a “credit” for each link shipped from an Authorized Distributor during the promotion period of Jan 1 thru Mar 31, 2015. BridgeWave BUX are earned per the type of product sold as per the table in this promotion document.
2. Certified VAR must sell a minimum of five (5) new registered links in order to activate BridgeWave BUX earned to the purchase of future merchandise.
3. Offer only applies to BridgeWave Certified VARs purchasing new BridgeWave standard products that are not customized or refurbished.
4. BridgeWave BUX applies only to registered and approved opportunities in BridgeWave’s CRM. Certified VAR must already have opportunities identified or must register new opportunities with the BridgeWave Sales Director or Distributor sales representative and these opportunities must be approved.
5. All sales must be validated by BridgeWave's Authorized Distributors' Point-of-Sale (POS) reports with the customer of record name matching the name of the VAR.
6. Product must ship from an Authorized BridgeWave Distributor by March 31, 2015 to qualify.
7. Product(s) returned for credit through a BridgeWave Authorized Distributor do not/does not qualify towards this promotion.
8. BridgeWave BUX have no actual cash value, and can only be used towards the purchase of new BridgeWave links, software upgrades, warranty products or miscellaneous parts.
9. Unused BridgeWave BUX will expire on July 1, 2015 and no refunds or other form of credit will be issued for BridgeWave BUX not used.
10. Standard Certified VAR discounts from list price will apply to the purchase of BridgeWave products before BridgeWave BUX are deducted from the purchase.
11. If the Certified VAR’s earned BridgeWave BUX does not cover the purchase price of the BridgeWave product, the VAR must pay the balance of the purchase price with a credit card or wire transfer direct to BridgeWave prior to shipment of the product.
12. Sales tax per standard CA tax rates will be applied to all links purchased using BridgeWave BUX. Tax exempt status must be declared by the Certified VAR by providing the appropriate state issued tax exempt certificate at the time of purchase order submission.
13. Shipments for merchandise purchased using BridgeWave BUX are made from BridgeWave’s factory and are FOB dock. Buyer (Certified VAR) is responsible for all shipping costs including freight, insurance, duties (if applicable), VAT (if applicable), etc.
14. This offer cannot be extended or combined with any other offer.

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