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EXRP-33n, Extricom UltraThin 3-radio, 3-stream Access Point, equipped with 3x 802.11 a/b/g/n radios with internal antennas

EXRP-33n, Extricom UltraThin 3-radio, 3-stream Access Point, equipped with 3x 802.11 a/b/g/n radios with internal antennas

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Extricom RP-33n Three-Radio Ultra-Thin 802.11n Access Point with integrated internal Antennas

Extricom's exclusive RP-33n offers a high performance Three-Radio Ultra-Thin[tm] Access Point, designed for the increasing demands for speed and capacity from today's enterprise wireless solutions. Offering the perfect architecture to harness the power of 3x3 MIMO technology, and particularly suited for deployments supporting bandwidth-intensive applications, this access point is ideal for installations that demand a solution that will enhance the Extricom Channel Blanket's inherently high throughput whilst maintaining the other unique advantages of the architecture, such as zero-handoff mobility, aggregated TrueReuse[tm] and SameBand[tm].

The RP-33n is a radio access device and part of Extricom's innovative Channel Blanket[tm] architecture. Attached to the Extricom switch, the Extricom Access Points create three 802.11n wireless blankets without running any software and without the need for configuration. Interference between the access points is completely eliminated by the integrated switch intelligence. Mobile devices traversing the blanket are attached to one homogeneous network and are associated with the switch and not to a particular AP, ensuring they never disconnect.

The Extricom RP-33n is equipped with the latest best-of-breed silicon and radio modules. The most advanced radio layer features provided are Transmit Beam Forming (TxBF), Space-Time Block Code (STBC), Low Density Parity Check (LDPC), Maximum Likelihood (ML) detection, Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC) and Cyclic Delay Code (CDC).

Guaranteed Service Level Agreement

RP-33n enables physical separation between different services (e.g. video, voice and data) by assigning different frequency channels to services. Physical separation between very slow devices e.g. 802.11b wireless clients and very fast devices such as three streams 802.11n wireless clients overcomes 'the weakest link' effect, detrimental to aggregate network throughput. RP-33n AP deployment density

delivers blanket seamless coverage and a guaranteed communications rate everywhere.

Ease of Installation & Zero Configuration

Extricom Ultra-Thin AP deployment does not require cell planning and facilitates true plug-and-play deployment. RP-33n is software free hence requires absolutely no configuration.

Integrated antennas & Standard PoE

The RP-33n is equipped with integrated antennas. RP-33n is 802.3af PoE (Power over Ethernet) compliant. Since the RP-33n is highly energy efficient, all three radios can operate concurrently out of the given energy budget of 802.3af.

Immune to MIMO Coverage Variability

RP-33n employs Extricom's unique patent pending technology for improved transmission on MIMO deployments for reliably high throughput and black hole free MIMO blanket coverage. All APs receive traffic on the same channel. As a direct result, the Extricom blanket WLAN provides uplink path diversity for lower delay latency and higher uplink throughput.

Advanced 802.11n enhancements

The RP-33n is equipped with latest physical layer (radio) technologies which directly improve rate-over-range performance (LDPC, TxBF and MLD).