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Winncom GSA Advantage Program

Since 2008 we are helping our partners to receive all the benefits and features of the GSA Advantage Program.

- The U.S. federal government is the world's biggest customer that may want to buy something you have to sell!  Yes, NOW, you can sell directly to Government! There are many different contractual vehicles to sell products and services to the US Government, but entering the Federal marketplace is quite a complex and multi-phase procedure. Winncom has successfully completed this important step for you. The contract Number: GS-35F-0405U was awarded to Winncom in 2008 and is valid at least until 2018.

- There is one path to the federal marketplace that can allow you to avoid the full burden and risk associated with becoming a government contractor. That is, to become a Winncom Authorized GSA Agent. Once you have joined the Winncom Authorized GSA Agent Group, you will not have to subject yourselves to a complex regulatory framework and regulations in order to conduct business with the federal and local governments. As a Winncom Authorized GSA Agent, now you will have easy access to the Federal, State and Local government bids and submit responses to RFQs and RFPs referring to Winncom GSA Schedule.

- As a Winncom Authorized Agent, now, through Winncom GSA contract, you can reach Government Buyers and offer them a variety of wireless and networking equipment at highly competitive prices. Due to the long-term partnership with the leading industry manufacturers, Winncom is capable of obtaining additional discounts for the GSA approved products and, thus, being able to provide you with a much better chance to win in the government bidding process. Based on the Section 211 of the E-Government Act of 2002 (the Act) that allows Cooperative Purchasing,  In addition to closing sales with the Federal Government, you will be able to sell off the Winncom's GSA Schedule to all state & local entities.

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