About Vumii

    Vumii Imaging is a night vision technology pioneer that delivers a broad spectrum of thermal imaging and near-IR security products that are time-tested and field-proven. Our products incorporate the latest infrared thermal imaging and optical technology and use only high quality components. Vumii’s portfolio of thermal imaging cameras and near-IR illuminated cameras provide every piece of the puzzle for detection, recognition, and identification tasks, day or night.

    Vumii's high-quality, field-proven, zero-light surveillance products are embedded with more than 30 years of thermal imaging infrared camera development experience. Vumii’s night vision products include a portfolio of camera systems that provide long range detection, recognition and identification night or day and consists of fixed and PTZ thermal imaging cameras, multi-sensor PTZ camera systems, and near-IR illuminated PTZ camera systems.

    Thermal imaging cameras passively detect the thermal energy emitted by all objects and materials to generate a greyscale video image based on the differentiation between the temperature of an active body and the background. Illuminating cameras actively generate their own near-IR illumination that is projected to and reflects off of a scene and back to the camera, much the same as how visible light is emitted by the sun and reflected to our eyes.

    Vumii Featured Product

    Claritii 600

    Claritii 600 - Long Range LED Illumination Camera

    Claritii is the latest outdoor perimeter and border protection enhanced imaging solution. Leveraging Vumii's "focused-beam array" LED technology combined with an optimized imager, optics, and pan-tilt platform, Claritii systems provide daytime color video, high sensitivity nighttime monochrome video, autofocus, high zoom magnification, natural contrasts, and long range surveillance in daylight (5,000+ meters) or zero light (600+ meters).
    Claritii delivers highly detailed 24/7 imaging, night or day that allows security personnel to dramatically extend perimeter surveillance capabilities.

    Key Benefits

    Zero Light Imaging and High Performance Color
    Surveillance performance up to 600m in zero light nighttime conditions and color day performance to 5km

    Long Range Optics with Autofocus
    Continuous zoom with Autofocus provides Threat Assessment capabilities at more than 5000+ meters (day) and 600m (night)

    Vibrant Color Day and High Contrast Details at Night
    Natural Contrast Video, sees through glass, identifies text, and allows for nighttime threat assessment

    Robust Positioning
    Precise 360° continuous pan/tilt platform

    Simple Installation
    Pelco D protocol, common industry mounting options, serial or IP communication

    Available Configurations
    Claritii comes standard with a color day camera using a 3.4 - 122mm lens and a near-IR night optimized CCD camera with an 8.6 - 154mm lens. Both lenses utilize autofocus for crisp clear imaging

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