RADWIN Backhaul Solutions

    Radwin Backhaul Solutions

    Cellular Backhaul - The escalating demand for high bandwidth applications has created a new and exciting world of opportunities and revenue. Cellular operators are focused on extending their networks to reach more subscribers and provide more bandwidth to each customer. With backhaul expenses representing a significant chunk of network costs, carriers must find a way to enhance backhaul capacity while reducing its cost per bit, minimizing both CAPEX and OPEX. Delivering up to 200Mbps and 16E1s /T1s WINLINK 1000 and RADWIN 2000 Point-to-Point solutions are the ultimate answer—providing future proof backhaul that is simpler, more affordable, and easier to install than existing wireless alternatives.

    IP Backhaul - Rolling out broadband Point to Multipoint networks as WiMAX, WI-FI operators cope with heavy investments in infrastructure and a limited, yet emerging subscriber base. Faced with this challenge, operators must make critical business decisions, and at long last, are committed to decrease total cost of ownership to build and maintain a viable, profitable business.

    RADWIN Broadband Access Solutions

    RADWIN Broadband Access

    Broadband access - RADWIN's diverse portfolio of Point-to-Point and Point to MultiPoint wireless solutions empower service providers so they can deliver high speed end-to-end wireless broadband access services to the upper class and lucrative customer segment as business entities and corporate. Delivering 200Mbps per sector, RADWIN 5000 HPMP is the ideal Point to MultiPoint solution for last mile enterprise connectivity and high-end applications demanding assured performance and guaranteed bandwidth per subscriber. With a global presence in over 130 countries, RADWIN's expertise in wireless broadband systems empowers service providers so they can deliver high speed broadband access services for the last mile and seamlessly backhaul for WiFi and WiMAX traffic.

    RADWIN Government And Enterprise Network Solutions

    RADWIN Government And Enterprise Network Solutions

    RADWIN's sub-6GHz wireless Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multi-Point solutions provide end-to-end broadband connectivity for government and enterprise networks of all types, from small businesses to large corporations, government and municipalities, utility companies, educational and financial institutions. With its high capacity, easy installation and low maintenance, RADWIN's solutions lower the organization's total cost of ownership (TCO) and assure fast return on investment (ROI).

    RADWIN 2000 Point-to-Point product portfolio delivers up to 200Mbps throughput, reaching distances up to 120 Km. RADWIN wireless Point-to-Point solutions are ideal for broadband connectivity to dedicated users, remote areas and mission critical applications.

    RADWIN 5000 HPMP Point-to-Multi-Point solution delivers up to 200Mbps per sector over a range of up to 40Km and 50Mbps per end user. RADWIN 5000 HPMP offers exclusive high end connectivity solution for variety of applications: high resolution video surveillance, inter-office connectivity, remote site connectivity and many others.

    RADWIN Security & Surveillance Solutions

    RADWIN Security & Surveillance Solutions

    RADWIN offers an end-to-end wireless connectivity solution for video surveillance

    There is a growing need for IP Networking and Security Surveillance Solutions that reliably protect vital assets and improve overall operational efficiencies. The new PTMP Video Surveillance Solution from RADWIN is a robust, cost-effective product that is targeted to the video surveillance market, yet has a lower price-point that will appeal to other markets for which video surveillance is not a primary concern. While value-priced, the base station and subscriber unit boast features that ensure greater flexibility and options for organizations that are establishing wireless broadband systems.

    RADWIN 5000 PMP Highlights

    • Up to 250 Mbps per base station sector
    • Supports up to 32 subscribers per sector
    • Fixed, Nomadic and Mobility capabilities for vehicles in motion
    • Variety of subscriber units - 5, 10, 25, 50 Mbps
    • Small form factor, embedded antenna with most subscriber units
    • OFDM, MIMO / Diversity enables nLOS deployment
    • Low and constant latency
    • Long range – 40 Km / 25 miles
    • Supporting Multiband 4.9 to 6 GHz, 3.475 to 3.675 GHz, and 2.496 to 2.7 GHz,(BRS)
    • Can be synchronized with all RADWIN’s Point-to-Point solutions

    RADWIN Transportations Solutions

    Wireless Broadband in Motion for Rail and Metro

    Wireless Broadband in Motion for Rail and Metro

    Powering Video Surveillance & Internet Access On-the-Move. Reaching Speeds of up to 100 mbps ∙ 200 km/h

    FiberinMotion™ is a train-to-wayside communications solution that ensures continuous high-speed wireless connectivity between the rolling stock, the tracks and control center. FiberinMotion enables rail and metro operators to enhance security and safety by transmitting real-time video from onboard the train to the control center and from the level crossing or train station to the rolling stock operator.

    With RADWIN FiberinMotion solution public transport operators can improve the passenger experience by offering high-speed internet access and multimedia services. RADWIN FiberinMotion solution consists of powerful base stations deployed along the tracks that connect to mobile units installed onboard the rolling stock. The solution operates in challenging outdoor conditions and underground tunnels. Providing long-range coverage and unmatched capacity, RADWIN's railway-grade systems support connectivity for virtually any transportation scenario whether in railways, metro lines, bus systems and more.

    Radwin Transportation Brochure
    Wireless Broadband in Motion for Rail and Metro

    Boosting Broadband Connectivity for Vehicles in Motion

    Public and private organizations require broadband connectivity for vehicles in motion, essential for onboard video surveillance, internet access and more. RADWIN uniquely addresses the needs of the market by enabling unmatched capacity and range for mobile video and data connectivity at affordable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

    RADWIN FiberinMotion™ solution offers powerful, easy to deploy base stations that guarantee high capacity connectivity to ruggedized mobile units mounted on vehicles, trains and vessels. With long range coverage,fiber-like capacity and simple installation, RADWIN FiberinMotion solution enables an extremely cost effective deployment.

    FiberinMotion™ Enables:

    • Perimeter security - video transmission to and from patrol vehicles
    • On-board video surveillance & Internet access for rail and metro
    • Oil Rigs to Ships - video & data connectivity
    • Unmanned vehicle operation - remote control of heavy machinery for mines and ports
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