RADWIN FiberinMotion Mobility Solution

    Boosting Broadband Connectivity for Vehicles and Vessels in Motion

    - Up to 100 Mbps

    - Up to 250 Km/h

    Public and private organizations require broadband connectivity for vehicles and vessels in motion, essential for onboard video surveillance, internet access, data base access, heavy machinery operations and more.

    RADWIN uniquely addresses the needs of the market by offering long range coverage and fiber-like capacity for mobile video and data connectivity at an affordable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

    RADWIN FiberinMotion™ solution offers powerful, easy to deploy base stations that guarantee high capacity connectivity to ruggedized mobile units mounted on vehicles and vessels in motion.

    FiberinMotion Applications:

    • Patrol Units & Mobile Command
      - Broadband connectivity to transmit real-time video, data and VoIP
    • Oil & Gas
      - Ship to rig communications
      - Data transmission, video conferencing and Internet access to supply and maintenance vessels
      - Real-time video transmission to and from rigs and fire & rescue vessels
    • Mines
      - Automated mining vehicles and machinery
      - Monitoring of machinery operators
      - Secure mine assets
    • Ferries
      - Passenger Internet access and data transmission for the crew
    • Security Patrol Boats
      - Real-time video & data from boats patrolling rivers, bays and canals to the control center
    • Airports
      - Mobile video and VoIP for security patrol and ARFF vehicles
      - Database access for airport operations & maintenance across airfields and airport property
    • Ports
      - Remote control and monitoring of freight cranes to monitor operations
      - Real-time monitoring of port facilities and crane operators
    • Border Security
      - Real time video transmission from unmanned ground vehicles
      - Real time video transmission from border cameras to border patrol

    RADWIN FiberinMotion Brochure

    Call today Winncom Technologies for a demo of FiberinMotion, connect WiFi to your vehicle at 100 Mbps and travel at 250km/h.

    RADWIN FiberinMotion

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    Wireless broadband on-the-move, powered by RADWIN FiberinMotion

    RADWIN FiberinMotion™ delivers wireless broadband for vehicles, trains and vessels on the move, delivering unmatched throughput of up to 100 Mbps and wide area coverage.

    Moscow Metro deploys FiberinMotion

        RADWIN Logo

    Moscow Metro deploys FiberinMotion train-to-track wireless broadband solution

    Moscow Metro tested several competing solutions for providing passengers with internet on-board trains. They selected and deployed RADWIN FiberinMotion™, giving passengers up to 90 Mbit/s web browsing.

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