Guardian by Elexa

    About Guardian by Elexa

    We want to protect every home in the world from water damage!

    Guardian by Elexa is an international team brought together by our love for home automation and product development. We stumbled upon an idea that can change the world, and spent the last two years working around the clock to bring it to life.

    Water damage affects more households than fire in the US each year, yet the vast majority of homes are not equipped to mitigate or prevent the damage can occur. The average claim can be anywhere from $8,000-$15,000 dollar, and is often the result of faulty appliances, burst pipes, human error and natural causes. Water damage not only costs homeowners and insurance companies money, they can be extremely frustrating, time consuming to repair and personal possessions are often lost.

    The challenge for Guardian has been to create a reliable, always available solution that anyone can install, that requires no plumbing or cutting into pipes and can work automatically, while away from home.

    To create Guardian, we spent weeks researching before drawing anything. We studied dozens of valves and existing water detectors, consulted with plumbing, restoration, and insurance professionals, and combined our years of experience in the home automation world to create a unique product that all homeowners can use. Creating a one-size-fits-all solution is easier said than done, and we learned that the hard way, by going through months and months worth of revisions before arriving at the final design for both the Valve Controller and the Water Detector.

    We conceived the overarching vision of Guardian in Chicago, and work with our mechanical, software, and electrical engineering teams to make it come to life. Meanwhile, our sales and marketing teams work tirelessly to build relationships and put strategies into place to have a successful product launch.

    Guardian Valve Controller

    Introducing the Valve Controller

    ROBUST & RELIABLE - Battery Backup, offline functionality, and more. More than just an automatic valve!

    Guardian Valve Controller

    The Valve Controller is the heart of a Guardian system. It installs over standard ball valves with no tools and no plumber to automatically shut off the water main during a leak. It also acts as the point of contact between the Guardian app and all connected Water Detectors in the system.

    No Tools Needed - The Valve Controller is ready to install out of the box, without any tools - the hand-tightened clamps grip the unit securely to your valve.

    Use Your Existing - Valve You don't need a special valve to use Guardian - only a standard quarter-turn ball valve.

    Valve Calibration - You don't need a special valve to use Guardian - only a standard quarter-turn ball valve.

    3rd Party Interoperability - Our well-documented and open API lets you control and monitor Guardian with 3rd party systems using the same app as your other smart home devices.

    IOS & Android App - The simple and intuitive iOS and Android apps let your system and interact with it easily, from anywhere in the world.

    Direct Communication - The Water Detectors communicate directly with the Valve Controller using a proprietary wireless protocol without hubs and other unnecessary hardware.

    Battery Backup - The Valve Controller's optional battery backup lets it monitor your system and close the valve for up to twelve hours without electricity.

    Offline Functionality - Once configured, the internet is only required for off-site control and monitoring of the system, so the Valve Controller will still shut off your water even without the internet during a leak.

    Extreme Longrange - The Water Detectors can be placed up to 1000' away from the Valve Controller, which means Guardian will protect large homes and even apartment buildings.

    Guardian Resource Center

    Design Your Optimal Guardian Network

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